10 Ways to get ready for Christmas!

By Amy Williams

So, it’s December now and we’re gradually creeping our way towards the very end of the year which everyone seems to have mixed emotions about; a great deal of excitement surrounds Christmas, but there’s no doubt that we unintentionally catapult ourselves into a state of pure stress and chaos.

Presents, food and parties need to be prepared and do we really have the time on top of our social and work commitments? Put the stresses to the back of your mind, enjoy the revelry and initiate your list of things that you’ve set to accomplish at leisure. Settling firmly into December, we have a period of the year which is purely impulse and indulge, by making a check list of all the necessities for the festivities that are coming our way, it will be easier to appreciate the jolly time of year, and we can give and receive with pleasure!

york-christmas-hols-elf1) How do I decorate?

The first thing to do is to climb up into the loft and drag down the thing that only makes an appearance for a significant while: the Christmas tree! Grab the baubles, take the tinsel and throw the glitter and sparkle into your house to get the true festive feel. Snow flakes and snow sheets are perfect to turn your abode into a winter wonderland, and flashing lights are great for the outside to catch Santa’s attention! With a house full of decorations, you’ll be in the mood for the 25th that is ever approaching…

2) What to listen to?

The best thing to do at this time of year is to blast the jolly tunes to create the merry aura that is mandatory for Christmas; the old school classics that have hit number one being renowned for their feel good vibes are a must to fill the entirety of your home. From Last Christmas to Jingle Bell Rock, the Christmas songs will perfectly prepare for the festive atmosphere.

xmas-dinner3) What to eat?

The traditional Christmas dinner is an obvious; we have to look forward to it being the stereotypical banquet and for some reason, it requires so much more attention than our usual cooking. List the best foods and write the instructions to ensure a day of no worries when the 25th comes around. Choose your favourite box of chocolates, best savoury treats and take advantage of the endless opportunities to luxuriate in.

4) What to drink?

After a long year of hard work and well-earned achievements for most, it is the time to crack open the champagne and enjoy the good wines that surround us. Not to mention the mulled wine and Bailys which are introduced in the Christmas markets! Get cosy with a hot chocolate that is always a must have for this season, along with all of the hot drinks to add warmth to the winter month.

Christmas shopping woman holding gifts5) What to buy?

In the build up to the big day we’re waiting for, send out Christmas cards to spread the festive joy. There is the usual priority of what to buy at this time, and that is presents for the friends and family that surround you, as most of us like to do. Make a checklist of who you need to buy for, and begin wrapping them to get into the true Christmas spirit. Not forgetting the many charities that are set up to collect money for the less unfortunate this year; maybe buy a token to donate to a charity near you.

6) What to wear?

There’s one item of clothing this month that is an absolute essential, and this is a Christmas jumper! Pick the most outrageous, colourful pullover you can find to fit in with the bright colours and lights that surround us. For a more sophisticated occasion, like the many parties organised around this time, black and gold are always good colours for winter outfits.

christmas-party7) What to do?

The Christmas season is a holiday where the closest people around you will have time off to spend with you, so plan events that are happening near you! Hosting a Christmas party is a great way to get everyone together and by combining this list together, you have it sorted! There are many things to do around this time, for families, Santa’s Grotto will be soon arriving which is always an excitement for the young ones. And, don’t forget the ice rinks and Christmas markets that set up in most city centres!

8) What can I make?

While its frosty outside, there are plenty of things to do that are perfect for inside the home. A main activity that’s enjoyable is baking; homemade Christmas cake, cookies and mince pies can align with Christmas galore, as well as being entertaining to prepare.

Home-Alone-1-v39) What to watch?

Now that the cold dark nights have approached, there is nothing better than snuggling by the fire watching anything festive on the TV. Home Alone, Elf, or The Nativity are all brilliant films that add to the true festive atmosphere, mixing the moderns with the classics.

10) How do I get into the festive mood?

Combine all of the above! Though the stress may become daunting, anticipate the humble and exciting time that comes ahead. December is busy month but a happy time, so hang up the stockings above the fire place and wait for the wonderful day of the year to come around…

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