Top Travel Beauty Tips For A Happy Holiday

by Sarah Taylor
by Sarah Taylor

After much anticipation, the summer holiday season has finally arrived!

Now, whilst there’s no doubt about the many benefits that taking a well earned break from our busy day-to-day lives affords our minds and bodies, unfortunately travelling to our dream destination can be a nightmare for our skin and hair. But, there are things you can do to help prevent or minimise any travel beauty troubles, and get a head start on your holiday glow!

Here are my top travel beauty tips for a happy holiday:

Before you go, pack your holiday beauty kit like a pro!

As a make-up artist I’ve had to learn to get choosing the right products for a particular job, and packing them carefully down to an art! The most important tip I can give you is to be honest with yourself about what products you really need, and will actually use, during your holiday. Sadly, luggage space is limited, so as tempting as it may be to take your entire make-up collection ‘just in case’ when it comes to holiday beauty less is definitely more! Use your time spent packing as an opportunity to review your routine, and break out of a make-up rut, see what products you can leave behind, or use your holiday as an opportunity to introduce a new product or two.

In my experience a good all-round basic travel make-up kit would include; a base (tinted moisturiser or foundation) concealer, blusher, mascara (waterproof), eyeliner, brow pencil, two eyeshadows (one beige/neutral for daytime and one smoky brown, grey or plum for evening) and two lipsticks (one neutral and one bright or bold shade) in terms of space this amount of make-up will take up no more space than an average sized paperback book.

101984619_wGo for multitasking products where you can to save both time and space, holidays are the perfect time to put to use all those testers that you can pick up from department stores, or get free with magazines. As well as being small in size, most will be used up during your trip meaning less for you to carry home (or giving you more space for souvenirs!) and by trying a few different products you may even discover a new favourite one.

If you don’t have a stash of sample size products to take then I recommend decanting your full size products into travel size bottles, you can pick up sets of empty bottles and pots in major high street chemists and some supermarkets. This is usually a better option than buying new toiletries during your trip, as they may be significantly more expensive in other countries, particularly if you are looking for exact replacements.

So, once you have determined what you need my next top packing tip is to stock up on plenty of clear plastic zip lock bags ahead of your trip. Those same bags that are usually used for transporting your packed lunch are another make-up artist must have. They have earned this unlikely superior status as they are an inexpensive way to store your products in a way that allows you to easily see what’s in the bag, keep them clean and limit the damage to the rest of your luggage should any sort of spillage occur – which could otherwise prove disastrous!

The night before your flight
Last thing at night slather on a nourishing serum and massage in a rich, nourishing night cream (unless your skin is prone to oiliness) to boost skin hydration, this will help mitigate the drying and dehydrating effects of the aircraft cabin environment, where humidity is much lower.

The day of departure
If you wear make-up it can be helpful for your skin to skip foundation and opt for tinted moisturiser instead, which will give you light coverage and help maintain hydration, then just use a dab of concealer where needed.

Avoid mascara and creamy eyeshadows – or anything else that may migrate down your face if you take an in-flight nap. Choose moisturising lip balms or lipsticks if you prefer to wear some colour rather than longwearing lipsticks, as their formulations can be quite drying, and may further dehydrate your lips. If your hair is prone to dryness I suggest applying a little leave in conditioning product pre-flight, or if your hair is long try a nourishing oil through the mid-lengths and ends instead, then, tie it up in a loose bun or updo, and wash out once you arrive at the hotel to strengthen and boost it’s condition.

During the flight
The most important thing is to stay as hydrated as possible, and rest as much as you can, to arrive feeling refreshed. For extra hydration mist the skin with a water spritz, to help with relaxation look out for one containing lavender or rose. Make sure you move around frequently during your flight, this is important for maintaining good circulation, which in turn will help prevent your skin from becoming dull looking.

When you return try to maintain some of your good holiday habits such as drinking more water and taking more rest. If you have spent time away in an extreme climate, or have been swimming in the sea or chlorinated swimming pools I recommend giving yourself an at home facial, and applying a deep conditioning treatment to restore the condition of your skin and hair.

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