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6Tribes Exclusive Insider

By Arooj Aftab (@AroojUrbanEcho)

A game-changing new app bringing people together. The man behind BBC iPlayer and the social TV platform Beamly; Anthony Rose has launched his new app, 6Tribes. Set to take networking to a whole new level, if you haven’t already heard of 6Tribes, here’s an exclusive insider from the man behind the app.

Question: What does your business do?

6Tribes is a brand new app that’s a new take on social networking based on the concept of tribes. 6Tribes helps you find your tribe and connects you with the people who love what you love. Whatever you’re into, you’ll be part of a community that absolutely gets you. Post what you like, share what you want and content that you love. Unlike existing social networks, 6Tribes connects people based on their interests rather than who they went to school with. 6Tribes provides with a new way of meeting people, discovering great content and belonging to a group

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 21:  Zeebox developer Anthony Rose poses for a pictures during a photo call to launch Zeebox on October 21, 2011 in London, England.  (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Anthony Rose
Anthony Rose

Question: When was it started?

6Tribes was founded in November 2014. The 6Tribes team developed and tested the concept of tribes and the app user interface between November 2014 and Christmas Day, and then set to work on January 5, 2015 to build that experience. After 4 months of development the first version of the app was ready for launch!

Question: Where is it based?

6Tribes is based in Borough, London

Question: How many people work in the business?

6Tribes is a team of 12 hand-picked data scientists, user interface designers and software developers

Question: Why did you choose to develop this product/service?

The 6 in 6Tribes comes from the idea of 6 degrees of separation, and how the concept of tribes changes that by connecting you directly with others who share your interest. And it gives us many fun concepts and messages to develop further, like “3’s a crowd, 6 is a tribe”.

iPhone6Passion@2x-502x1024Question: Tell us how you got your business off the ground?

The usual combination of luck, serendipity, timing and hard work.

Question: What challenges have you encountered to date?

From experience, I’d say any start-up faces three challenges: getting its product position right; attracting funding and building the right team. We were fortunate to get our funding arranged quickly and to build a great team. Which left the biggest challenge – coming up with something exciting, innovative, useful and unique. I hope we’ve done that!

Question: What’s been the biggest highlight of your business to date?

Building a wonderful team and a new world of connecting people that we believe in!

Question: What does your company do to relax or have fun after a busy day?

We have a team lunch or dinner, or head to the pub. Right now as we near launch, we could definitely do with a few more of those!

Question: What did you do before starting up 6Tribes?

Prior to 6Tribes, my colleague Ernesto Schmitt and I co-founded Beamly, the social TV app. Prior to Beamly, I headed up BBC iPlayer.

Question: What are your favourite and worst things about running your own start up?

tribesThe joy of a dot-com start-up is that you can do absolutely anything. No committee meetings, no stakeholders to ask permission, no endless middle management people to get sign-off from. But in a world where anything is possible, it requires tremendous discipline to define a goal and stay focused on that goal. Plus, unlike in a large company where you can always call on someone to help with a problem, in a small startup trying to do something new, there is no one to call, no helpline to give you answer. You have to figure it out yourself. And for many that’s a scary thought.

Question: Do you work remotely, in a shared environment or have your own office space?

I believe having everyone in the same office is key to a creative, collaborative and efficient way of developing new concepts and software applications.

Question: Do you benefit from start-up communities and related networking?

As this isn’t our first startup we were able to skip the getting-started challenges but first-time founders encounter, and we were able to go straight from idea to a founded team in our own office space. But for any first-time entrepreneur, incubators are invaluable.

Question: Can the government and/or technology industry do more to support UK start-ups?

The tax breaks available to entrepreneurs and investors funding tech start-ups have been invaluable in turning London into a truly international tech hub in the last 10 years.

Question: And finally, if you could emulate the success of another start up, which company would it be?

Every company, product space and era is different, you can’t point to a company, say “let’s do that” and expect to have the same outcome.

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