Advent of Agile Sparks Cultural Change

West Yorkshire Police has reached a milestone in its plans to technologically transform.

Over 1000 members of staff are now working on an agile basis, helping to improve productivity and efficiency across the Force.

picture1_largeComputer laptops providing access to Force systems have enabled employees to work from any location in the county.

Agile Working Project Manager, Inspector Emma Aldred said the organisation is seeing signs of a real cultural shift:

“We introduced agile working into the Force in 2014 with the goal of fundamentally changing our approach, encouraging a more efficient and effective way of working.

“The results of our last agile working survey within the Force showed over three quarters felt that they had become more productive in their roles, improving upon service delivery to the public.

“It also revealed a reduction in mileage and commuting time which is an extremely positive step in terms of the financial and environmental advantages it brings.

“Managers also told us how they have been able to use agile working for staff recovering from illness or injury, reducing absences as a consequence.

“By modernising in this way, we are beginning to witness a transformation that reflects the future direction of policing.

“Technology is allowing us to achieve the best possible service for our communities whilst managing costs, and it is important that we continue to capitalise upon the benefits.

“For example, our agile equipment compliments our new internal ‘Skype’ messenger system, which is increasing the number of meetings conducted online. In turn, it is lowering the amount of mileage claims submitted within the organisation and any associated expenses.

“From another perspective, it is supporting the Force’s current recruitment campaign, not only by attracting people into the organisation, but also by retaining them.

“With increased flexibility, higher productivity and improved work life balance, those who took part in our internal survey rated West Yorkshire Police as a good organisation to work for.

“Staff said the agile concept made it appealing for new people coming into the organisation and also that they would want to remain employed within the Force because of this way of working.

“We are continuing to explore the possibilities and we have been analysing the latest survey results to identify how else we might exploit the opportunities it offers.”


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