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Bantams Diary 2: A Bad Day At The Office!

By Ansar Jawed (1st March 2016) at the Carol windows stadium, Bradford

Don’t you just hate those statistics? Even more when they are silently screaming nonsense and making you wonder why we rely on them: pure and utter bull?

I mean come on; more than half the possession, more shots (a dozen to be precise), more shots on target, more corners and for a kick in the teeth while you are eating grass and without the rub of the green… with less fouls, we lose! How’s that work out?

Teams rely on fans, the twelfth man! They are inspired by their songs and their anthems, created with passionate heart racing, loud battle cries and vibrant colourful waves of support.

Colchester had only what, fifty, from a population of more than 104,000 people?

I have heard that In AD 77 it was called Camulodunum by the Romans and is said to be the earliest known reference to a fixed settlement in Britain, hence the claim to be Britain’s oldest recorded town. Having said all that, to be fair, Essex is a long long way from Bradistan.

This is the problem with some losers, the under dogs, and Bantams have themselves done it to the likes of Chelsea; it ups their game, it lifts them up, it inspires them to be the giant killers!

In other words if the fans do not play it right, it works for the opposition more than it works for their own team. Boo your team at your peril when it is in need of your support.

As doubles go their guy Ambrose doubled his score, his team had secured a double against the Bantams this season. A double disappointment for us in an away loss and then at home to the same team who had not won for the past 19 games.

In the opening half of the first half we were full of steam and running like a well-oiled engine. Wes Thomas put us ahead with the crowd’s favourite new boy, live wire Josh Cullen’s pass. Why, there was even some talk of a cricket score from Bradford fans already.

The bantams had counted their bantams before they were hatched.

Struggling Colchester, the team that had not won since their home success of 2-1 in October started to come together. And lo and behold, with their new Manager who had not seen his side win since his appointment had levelled the score before half time.

We were expecting and looking out for a real wind whirling snow storm but I could feel some perspiration in my fingers.

Come the second half and it was game on.

Something went wrong with the host team. It was as though someone had put different heads on different players in Bradford dressing room. Reed was not reading right and James was not heading or jumping right. All were doing unexpected things including the manager.

We hadn’t played this rubbish for ages!

It was definitely a bad day at the office. A case of don’t ask… It happens to the best of us. I mean ask Chelsea, ask Man U, ask anyone but don’t ask me!

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