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Bradford district urged to rally round education drive

Bradford Council is calling on everyone in the district to get involved in a united drive to improve education standards.

The local authority has launched an ‘Education Covenant’ which sets out what the Council will do and what the community can do to give young people the best possible start in life.

Bradford Council has committed to:

• keep schools and education a top priority

• challenge and support schools to rapidly improve

• make better use of top schools and headteachers by spreading their best practice

• recruit, retain and develop high quality teachers and headteachers

• work with national government to provide enough school places

• strongly support families and children in the early years to ensure all children are school ready

• work closely with businesses to get young people ready for work and life

• make full use of the district’s unique cultural and creative learning opportunities for young people

The Council is asking for the following support:

Parents: access a nursery place; read to your young child every day; support your child’s education in every way possible on a daily basis

Young people: take responsibility for your own education by making the most of all learning opportunities – take control of your future

Schools: take part in active partnerships and share resources and expertise with each other to drive forward improvements; take rapid action to maintain the highest standards in all areas of school life; support students in pursuing career opportunities

Businesses and employers: get involved with Industrial Centres of Excellence or Bradford Pathways; establish links with local schools; encourage your staff to be reading volunteers or school governors

Local people: contribute to young people’s clubs and activities in the community; be reading volunteers or school governors

Government: provide sufficient funding for school places; provide funding and support for our district’s education improvement drive; support us to attract more top teachers and headteachers

Headteachers and governors took the opportunity to discuss the improvement drive and the key role of school partnerships when they met for an annual conference on Wednesday this week in Bradford.

Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe, Executive Member for Education, Skills and Culture, is now taking the Covenant out to schools, parents and young people to start the conversation and gather their views before it is finalised.

Councillor Hinchcliffe said: “This has to be a joint effort by the district, for the district.

“As a council we make no excuses and we are pledging what we will do and what our schools can do to achieve a rapid improvement.

“Education goes beyond the school gates though. We need Government, parents, businesses and communities to play their part.”

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