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Building a Strong Workforce: The Importance of Diversity

by Justine Hughes – De Freyman

In this age of increasing connectivity, businesses have the ability reach out to an entire world of ideas- but do they really need to? When reaching outwards for ideas, businesses can often fall into the trap of forgetting to look inwards, to their own workforce. If you believe in your own success, ability and methods, it can be difficult not to look to hire staff who are similar to yourself when looking to expand your workforce. Although there is merit to this approach, here are a few ways which in your workforce can do wonders for your business.

Problem Solving

One of the biggest challenges every business faces, is how to react when things don’t go to plan. If for example, all of your staff are university graduates, they are likely to have been formally taught similar methods of solving tough problems and in the heat of the moment, their method may in fact be madness. Recruiting your staff from a variety of educational backgrounds ensures that there is a breadth of experiences when it comes to tackling the sticking points in your business. An educationally diverse staff will increase the ability of your staff to overcome obstacles and succeed in an ever changing market.

Capture More of the Market

Although businesses are increasingly finding new, innovative ways to market their services to new customers, the importance of word of mouth hasn’t been forgotten. A workforce that is not only educationally and experientially diverse but also in other ways such as culture, gender and ability, can offer you insight into whole new areas of your potential market you may not otherwise have access to. Your workforce will be able to relate to and empathise with individual customer needs in a way that is only achievable through lived human experience.

Easier Recruitment

Lastly, but sometimes most importantly- none of us have enough hours in the day. Recruitment can be a long, arduous process and narrowing your requirements for a candidate is only going to lengthen the timescale and potentially increase your costs. If for example, you’re struggling to find a candidate with all of the relevant experience who also happens to have a University education- consider looking for candidates who have undertaken a management training scheme or more vocationally-led courses as opposed to University. You may find their experience not only useful to broadening your business but they may also have a lower salary expectation. Opening your candidate search criteria could save you money in the long run.

We are proud at Se7en Services to be able to guide businesses with staffing challenges towards a more diverse, efficient and lucrative future, in the best interests of both your employees and your bottom line.

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