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Burglars know the price of everything and the value of nothing

This has been the message highlighted by West Yorkshire Police in its most recent burglary campaign, which aims to make people think about the true cost of burglary – both emotionally and financially.

House burglaries in West Yorkshire are currently down by more than 600 offences compared to the last financial year, and the force is working hard to continue this trend.

Einbrecher an einem FensterEvery day, officers from West Yorkshire Police see the devastating impact that a burglary can have on individuals and families.

A burglar may know how much they can get for a second-hand laptop or a mobile phone, but they do not appreciate the value people place on feeling safe in their own home.

The true cost of burglary is not just an insurance claim; it can lead to sleepless nights, feelings of anger and helplessness, family upset and the loss of treasured memories and personal items, such as jewellery and family heirlooms.

For while a laptop or camera can be replaced, unless you have backed up your documents and photos elsewhere you might never get them back.

Some simple steps to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of burglary

  • Always lock your doors and windows – even when you’re in (one in four burglaries occur when a door has been left unlocked)
  • Don’t leave cash or valuables on show
  • Leave a light, radio or television on when you leave the house
  • Don’t open your door to unexpected callers – speak to them through a letterbox or window
  • Upgrade Euro-cylinder door locks to ones which meet the highest security standards

For more information about crime prevention, please see the Help & Advice section on the West Yorkshire Police website ( or contact your local Area Neighbourhood Team on 101.

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