Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Tarot with Shruti

Shruti PicTarot with Shruti

Spectre, the next James Bond addition releases in November 2015, although 11 months away, Tarot has some important forecasts. The way it stands currently, Tarot suggests that despite being complete, Spectre’s release date will be delayed and quite sensibly so. Releasing in December 2015 or January 2016 seems like a better time to do so. Despite going over budget, makers will still see it do very well at the Box Office. In fact Daniel Craig will be praised for his portrayal of Bond receiving many accolades for it.

Daniel Craig - New James Bond movie Casino RoyaleOn a general note, Daniel Craig will seem to have steady career growth but then it all goes a little pear shaped. A slump will be seen which will be due to severe loss of focus and some unnecessary restrictions that he will impose on himself. 2015 spells the start of this downward spiral. Although the year does start off very well, he will start to tail off from October onwards into personal conflicts which inadvertently will affect his career. Over the following four years, he will come back with better resolve and professional successes.

Times will be tough for Craig, but they will come with resolutions.



Shruti Pic

Shahid Afridi broke into international cricket at the age of 16. In doing so, he inspired a generation of youngsters. A popular figure in Pakistan and world over, I take a little look into Afridi’s career, his T20 captaincy and his upcoming World Cup performance.

Shahid Afridi is trying his best to remain grounded and balanced – what does not come naturally to him is the ability to communicate in the right manner. His emotions override his sensibilities and this inadvertently leads him into trouble. He means well, but then in times to come, some controversies still await him, as does some trouble with his spine. So although there will be challenges, he will manage to pull through.

When it comes to his batting, November/December 2014 marks an improvement in being more consistent. This luckily filters through to the World Cup in February 2015. This tournament finds him being a guide as well as understanding how better to take his own captaincy forward. His partnerships, his synchronisation with the team will see his own and his team’s performance flourish with him. As a bowler he will become far too defensive, this could lead him to be more expensive than usual.

As a T20 Captain, Afridi will have a very promising start, but he seems to be the creator of his own problems. Confined by his own views, he will find that he running out of ideas – he will have to open up more and be ready to be more flexible if he is to assist the Pakistani T20 team towards its’ dues. Otherwise, disappointed fans and team management could come down quite hard on him.

2015 and 2016 are years in which Afridi will work hard to gain better grounding as a cricketer and also in his off-field endeavours. It should all slowly fall into place for him with 2017 turning out to be the most ideal year for him.



It’s tough being Captain of the Indian cricket team, but for Mahendra Singh Dhoni handling such pressures come naturally. With the recent Test Series loss by team India, will Dhoni manage to pull back and hang on to his captaincy? Will his own batting suffer? Will he be engulfed in any further controversies? This month Tarot looks into all of this and more.

On a very general note, some concerns do crop up in Dhoni’s career – he will have a temperamental time ahead, especially until March 2015, so yes this phase may challenge him during the upcoming World Cup too. What does work for Dhoni is his determination, so although periodic lean times will trouble him, his ability to balance himself will get him through.

Batting has been inconsistent in recent times, luckily this is about to change. There will be more authority and a different form of unseen joy exuding from his batting. Dhoni’s aggression will be well directed and smart. This all happens over the course of the next eight to ten months – there will be immense growth in him but more importantly, he will put more life into his own performances.

Although the Indian cricket board is usually reluctant to make captaincy changes, Tarot clearly suggests the importance of unburdening Dhoni from Test Captaincy, otherwise he will lose direction and will eventually lose out on this position. What is positive is his captaincy in the One-dayers – this will be more comfortable and rewarding for him and team India.

Being ruled by no. 7, Dhoni is bound to have a calm aura about him, this is where despite certain controversies coming up until his birthday in July 2015, he will manage to be well in control and not allow for anything to hinder or derail his career. Some ups, some downs – that is all quite normal, but in this time ahead, Dhoni will have you face it more than usual.

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London born Shruti Chopra is a professional Tarot Counsellor and columnist practicing in Mumbai. Having learnt the Tarot cards six years ago, she put her counselling twist to it and now assists corporate houses, business and celebrities with sound direction. Shruti has been predicting cricket matches for the last three years and also writes about sport from a Tarot perspective. We welcome Shruti to the Urban Echo team where every month she will be looking at what is in store for our favourite celebrities.