Monday, March 27, 2017
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Gerry SutcliffeOver the past few weeks I have been sad and disappointed to read the numerous articles in the local press and unnamed commentary from individuals attacking Omar Khan in relation to OK Bradford Bulls.

At the time I was asked to be involved, the only motivation of us all was to save the club and to try to take it forward in difficult circumstances. The club was within half an hour of liquidation when Omar invested large amounts of his own money to secure it and save its super league status.

When he asked me and other board members to step down in September as he was selling the club to others due to illness, there were no outstanding issues as far as I was concerned.

It appears that the debt entered into by the new directors as result of a loan to the club by Marc GreenGerry Sutcliffe 2resulted in Mr Green putting the club into administration. He subsequently bought the club from administration, beating rival bidders.

Omar Khan has challenged that administration process legally and from his own pocket paid for the legal challenge in an attempt to make transparent the whole process.

In relation to the loan from Bradford Council to the rugby club, this was a commercial loan agreed within the appropriate council procedures.

As far as I am aware, Omar is repaying the loan as the guarantor. His character and integrity is being unfairly maligned for political gain.

Gerry Sutcliffe, MP

LATEST – The National Media Museum secures £1 million hand-out from Bradford council to secure its future for the next three years. The Science Museum group have also matched the offer by contributing a further £1million. A spokesman for the Government’s Department for Culture, Media & Sport said earlier: “Today’s announcement is great news for the National Media Museum and a fantastic example of the types of commercial and local partnerships that can help all museums continue to thrive.”

For the last decade, the National Media Museum has witnessed a steady decline in visitor numbers and this latest news will inject renewed passion and optimism for staff and the Science Museum Group hierarchy.

With the Westfield project well underway as well as the potential development of the old Odeon building looking more and more realistic, Bradford, it seems, could well be bouncing back.



Well I have been given a column to write… so now what do I write about?

“The world is your oyster!” many have said to me, but I wonder just how much truth is in this statement. As a teenager, you often become subject to people as most times your parents thinking you are irresponsible despite them pushing you to become more independent. However this becomes an almost impossible task when you’re not allowed to do anything! I think the turning point in my life to becoming an ‘adult’ was making my first doctor’s appointment. Sad but true!

I just remember my mum saying “I’m not your personal secretary!” and then handing me the phone. I could feel the tension rise as I am waiting for someone to pick the phone on the other end and then I had the daunting task of actually talking to someone on the phone.

That was three years ago and now I feel much more at ease of speaking to anyone on the phone, depending on the individual of course.

I guess I should be thankful for the moment when my mum told me to book my own appointment. It was a phrase I never thought I would say, but in hindsight it is true. I have friends now who find making an important phone call an incredibly nerve-wracking task. “What do I say? I don’t know what to say!” are one of the few things they always ask me.

Some of you may think this is bizarre but talking over the phone is becoming a bigger problem than it seems. The world is becoming mute. Nowadays talking on the phone has lost its appeal whereas texting has proven more popular than ever before.

Why? TECHNOLOGY. Following a 2012 Ofcom report into the growing trend of texting, Ofcom’s director of research James Thickett commented that the popularity of smartphones has increased due to them offering “newer forms of communications which don’t require us to talk to each other”. Next time you sit in a room and spend time with your family or friends just think about how much time you actually spend talking to one another with eye to eye interaction. Compare it to how much you spend time on your phone either texting or interacting with friends and family via Twitter and Facebook. We are ALL guilty of it. I for one am definitely a culprit.

So how do we overcome this problem before we turn into a world that just doesn’t speak anymore? First put down your phones and talk to people in the same room as you, then maybe making an important phone call won’t seem like such a daunting task.

And as for the world being my oyster, I will have to get back to you on that.