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by Bradford West MP Naz Shah
Today I’ve been given “a right to reply” regarding a story running in tomorrow’s Daily Mail.

One of the questions I was offered to comment upon was, “Members of her family have challenged her account of growing up in squalor moving home 14 times in under two years”

Followed by the most disturbing statement I’ve been asked to respond to, which is one about the abuse my mother suffered which reads, “her account of physical and sexual abuse suffered by her mother at the hands of Mohammed Azam was rejected by the court of appeal in her appeal case”

Before I get to the more important points in this article, let me clarify a couple of things. I was 6 years old when we first moved. Between the ages of 6-8 I didn’t count the number of times we moved, but I do remember we moved often. I remember the outside toilet because I was afraid of the dark as well as the neighbour’s dog at the back of our back to back house. I remember the bath in the kitchen and seeing a rat running across it which frightened me as to me it seemed enormous. I remember going on holiday with social services because we were poor and I hated sleeping in a dormitory. So dear Daily Mail, my apologies if  I can’t give you the 14 addresses with postcodes – I don’t have many happy memories of that time. I have plenty that no child should ever have and I try not to remember them.

I’m not going to catalogue my mother’s abuse here as it is well documented, certainly in the court papers that the Daily Mail have most probably trawled through like Galloway did. But what I will talk about is the court dismissing her as incapable of belief.

My mother didn’t tell her story because of the concept of “honour”, as it brought shame upon the wider family and very little was understood about it, so when she did finally find the courage to speak out back in 1997/8 she wasn’t believed. However, it is well documented that when reviewing and subsequently reducing her tariff from 20 years to 12 years, in 1998/9, Lord Chief Justice Bingham acknowledged my mother was a desperate woman in desperate circumstances.

It has taken years of campaigning by women’s rights groups to help people understand this issue of “honour based violence”, a patriarchal mindset and culture which is prevalent in parts of some communities.

This is no different to the change in attitudes that has taken place to begin to understand street grooming.

We have to accept that it was only in 2015 that the terminology “child prostitutes” was removed from government literature. And one of the biggest reasons we never saw any prosecutions was because these victims and their stories of horror were not believed. It was the approach which Nazir Afzal, the Chief Crown Prosecutor applied at the time which led to convictions in Rochdale and other cities. Why? Because he believed these girls.

I have always acknowledged that we have a particular model of abuse, street grooming, which is pertinent to a minority of British men of Pakistani heritage who work in the night time economy. It is a fact, a fact that we cannot and must not hide away from. In doing so we must also be mindful not to fuel the fire of hate and vilify a whole community with sweeping statements.

So this brings me to my understanding of The Daily Mail. A paper which claims to be on the side of victims.

The only motive I can fathom for this personal attack upon me and my character by the Daily Mail, is because I dared call out the racism and fascism of a right wing tabloid.

But the saddest and most important issue isn’t this attempted attack on me, but the fact that in and amongst all of this conversation we’ve stopped talking about the victims.

How do we change attitudes and challenge this misogyny and abuse to stop it?

How do we empower our young people to be resilient and address issues of safe guarding, because all these victims have a common denominator which is their vulnerability?

We should be renewing the call for research so we can better understand what we are dealing with, whilst supporting these young girls, these survivors, to rebuild their lives having relived the horrors of the evil abuse to get justice.

The truth is that I have no idea what this potential news story about me will finally look like in tomorrow’s paper, or even if it makes it to print. But the fact is that The Daily Mail questioned my mother’s abuse, a victims account, and in doing so have undermined years of work women have campaigned upon across this country and beyond. This in my eyes is not only disgraceful but unforgivable. I cannot and will not allow this to go unchallenged, not only for the sake of my own mother, but for the sake of every victim who isn’t believed.

So, Dear Daily Mail, whilst you trawl through records and question my mother’s abuse, a victim’s narrative, whilst peddling hatred and division, I and countless others will continue to do what we do. Concentrate on the issues that matter, with a dialogue of unity not division.

Finally, as a woman, a survivor, a daughter and a mother, I will be damned if I allow a right wing sexist tabloid tell me what my experiences are. Like every other survivor, I own my own narrative. People like my mother and I, and so many other victims, have had their accounts questioned. I have been fighting this battle all my life. So bring it on, because I will not be silenced.

Naz Shah
Member of Parliament
Bradford West

by Nazir Tabassum

It is very clear now that Mrs May, the Prime Minister of the UK, is now nominally in charge, destitute of any real power. Certain figures among her party are intending to place their hand on the off switch; however, it is being watched when they do so.

So far, two successive Conservative leaders have gambled their majorities; David Cameron on a Brexit referendum for which he was woefully unprepared, and then Theresa May on the snap elections for which neither the country nor her party was prepared.

Kate Maltby, writer and critic, says: “My Tory party has gambled away its reputation. It needs more than a new leader.”

Thus, there is every likelihood that the Prime Minister may face a coupe attempt by some Tory MPs in the autumn season. She is so weakened now that she can hardly afford to sack any senior cabinet figure for fear of triggering a leadership challenge.

It seems that the Conservatives are now a house of cards. The infighting is no more encrypted; it is all evident. The battling of allies of the stalwarts like Philip Hammond, Boris Johnson and David Davis from arguments around the cabinet table, have now moved to the open warfare at Westminster summer garden party.

Efforts are being made by the senior Conservatives to downplay the split and infighting labelling it as a result of the “too much warm prosecco”, which is doubtless an insult to the voters’ intelligence.

Why all this? The answer is very well known. The contest for leadership is afoot, as well as, for the nature of Brexit. In this backdrop, Mrs May, enfeebled politically, shorn off of authority, is incapable of reasserting discipline in the party after her election disaster.

Philip Hammond is being targeted on account of negative briefing for he is against hard Brexit. Moreover, he is adamant on maintaining fiscal discipline. His adversaries label him as a stooge of the establishment who can go the extent of ignoring the Brexit results. Therefore, he is being embarrassed on account of his statements about “public sector workers being overpaid, and that, even women can drive trains”.

Negative briefing against each other has become quite common in the Conservative party which is now a house of cards. A senior Tory has blamed Michael Gove, the environment secretary, and, Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, for being involved in briefing against Philip Hammond. This senior Tory says: “They are so obsessed with hard Brexit that they are prepared to run the economy off the cliff; they don’t like the fact Philip is pointing out that we will deservedly lose the next election if we do that.”

Philip Hammond is under attack from within his party. There are some who try to undermine him in an endeavour to safeguard Brexit; others detest him as a potential rival for the keys to No. 10.

Another scene of this long Tory play is focused on Boris Johnson and David Davis. Both of them are inwardly hungry for the top job but outwardly pose as if they are the guardians of Brexit vote. Someone has remarked that the elevation of David Davis to Brexit Secretary was like inviting an untrained terrier into the chicken coop.

But the stories of bad blood between Boris and Davis are in circulation. Sunday Times reported the brawl between the two that took place at the Spectator summer party where they behaved “like a pair of rutting stags”. David provoked Johnson over his “failure” to keep his sister Rachel from defecting to Liberal Democrats. Their allies threatened kicking each other in the balls if they did not stop briefing against each other.

There are others who are less ambitious; they think that their interest will be best served if Theresa May stays in the Downing Street. One of such Tories told the Telegraph: “What’s really going on is that the establishment, the treasury, is trying to …. it up. They want to frustrate Brexit. This is a critical moment. That’s why we have to keep Theresa May. Otherwise, the whole thing will fall apart”.

In the Conservative party, Boris Johnson and David Davis are these days viewed as big snarling beasts who are making most of the noise.

Ambition for leadership is not restricted to them only. There are many more who dream of moving into No. 10 by a stroke of luck or a good chance. These include Sajid Javid, Priti Patel, Jeremy Hunt, Justin Greening, Amber Rudd and Andrea Leadsom.

Then there is a second tier of junior ministers and a third tier of back benchers, who are waiting in the wings until their profiles are improved. When the inevitable leadership contest of the Conservative party start, they too will declare their interests.

In the meanwhile, negative briefing and counter briefing goes on ceaselessly as a part of phony war for the leadership. A campaign to work out their supports in case of any eventuality is also going on side by side. Allies of David Davis are making catalogue of their supporters.

An interesting aspect of this “House of Cards” is that many a Tory MP’s are worried as they are desperate to avoid another election for the fear that Jeremy Corbyn may not win.


by Irfan Ajeeb

A year ago last month on 20th July, Bradford born Samia Shahid was brutally raped and murdered in a village in Pakistan in a so called “Honour Killing”.

Earlier last month on 14th July, it also marked the first ever “National day of memory for the victims of Honour Killings”. Ironicly this date would have marked the 29th birthday of another Bradford born girl, Shafilea Ahmed.

Families of both these girls denied they had been murdered.

In Samia’s case, we now have an ex-husband in custody in Pakistan facing charges of both rape and murder. Her father is on bail having being arrested and investigated for being an accessory to murder. A senior Pakistani police officer is also on bail for aiding Samia’s mother and sister to leave the country against court orders. A relative is also on bail for charges of fraudulent documents relating to the death certificate and arrest warrants for the mother and sister.

We must not forget to remember those lost and to celebrate who they were. The quest for justice for Samia continues and I hope that it will bring some closure to all those people whose lives she touched.

But with the marking of the year, we have to stop and ask ourselves what have we learnt? Could this happen again?

Shafilea’s parents were eventually convicted for her murder and jailed for life. Detectives said that Shafilea’s parents wanted to make her conform to their interpretation of Pakistani culture. The trail Judge, Mr Justice Evans, during sentencing said their desire for her to live in a “sealed cultural environment” was “unrealistic, destructive and cruel”.

This begs the question… how many other Pakistani girls are currently subject to abuse behind the closed doors of their homes in England that we are not aware of?

This article is not an analysis on honour killings. It is simply to remind us that this is still taking place and not enough is being done to tackle the issue. Samia Shahid, Shafilea Ahmed and many other victims of honour killings should not be forgotten.

Only last month, an Indian Muslim teenager involved in a relationship with an Arab man was kidnapped, raped and murdered in a suspected “honour killing” in London, a court heard.

The body of Celine Dookhran, 19, was found stuffed in a fridge with her throat slit after a second woman who was also attacked raised the alarm from her hospital bed.

The two women were said to have been bound, gagged and kidnapped by masked men. They were taken to a house in Kingston-upon-Thames, south-west London, where they were both raped and Celine Dookhran was killed.

So-called ‘Honour Killings’ are committed by barbaric individuals who deserve the severest of punishment by the courts. There is no honour in these murders. None whatsoever! Only innocent lives lost which are taken by a warped ideology that has no place in any culture. RIP all the victims of “Honour Killings”… you will not be forgotten.

The keys have been handed over to the tenant of Bradford Council’s 200th new home in the Bradford district.

Bradford Council has been developing new homes for the residents of the district since 2010 using its own funding and grant from the Homes and Communities Agency.

The new homes, built by Keepmoat, are owned by the Council but managed by the social landlord Incommunities under a five year contract that started in 2016. The rental income from the new homes pays the borrowing costs of the funding used to build them.

The 200th new home is one of 20 new homes for rent located at Cliffe Lane West in Baildon. There are twelve three-bedroom and eight two-bedroom houses. Nine of the homes have been handed over this week and the remaining 11 are due to be handed over next week.

As well as developing 20 new homes for rent, the Council has also built homes for sale at the same site. These are currently being marketed for sale.

These completed homes form the first phase of the development; work has now started on the second phase which will develop a further 35 homes on the same site, for completion by March 2018.

Coun Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: “Ensuring people have a decent, good quality home is a key priority for the Council. We are pleased to be able to deliver these new affordable homes for the people of Bradford. To hand over the 200th new home is a great moment to celebrate.”

Adrienne Reid, Incommunities’ Assistant Chief Executive, Neighbourhoods, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Bradford Council to deliver more high quality affordable  homes for local people. The completion of these new homes in Baildon marks a great milestone.”

Mr Hayaat R. Khan
You would be forgiven if you ever travelled up Little Horton Lane and were completely enthralled by the amazing architecture of the Grade two listed buildings lining both sides of the long winding main road. Such imposing houses and architecture one rarely sees in today’s age of modern architecture. Your wonderment would increase 10 fold if you ever stepped inside one particular such building. A building which witnesses a steady stream of visitors, throughout the day, mums with children, fathers with toddlers, the young the old, of different ages and origins, different people with different illness. If you step inside this building, it seems as if you have stepped inside the prestigious offices of a Harley Street Doctor. These are the Offices of the Zenith Clinic for complementary Healthcare.

The Zenith Clinic is a busy, complementary, private healthcare practice located within the west end of Bradford and in close proximity to St Luke’s Hospital.

Based in a beautiful grade two listed Edwardian building, the staff here provide Homeopathic medicine alongside a variety of complementary therapies to a wide variety of patients, ranging from babies to adults and the elderly. And judging by the grateful testimonials of cured patients in the beautifully presented testimonial book placed on the imposing desk of the senior Consultant Moulana Muhammad Hayaat R Khan, the staff here seem to be providing an excellent service. All the practitioners working at the clinic are fully qualified and registered with their appropriate professional bodies and all work under the careful and watchful guidance of Mr Maulana Muhammad Hayaat R Khan.

Mr Moulana Muhammad Hayaat R. Khan, is a registered Homeopathic Consultant and has been studying Homeopathic Medicine for the past 11 years and has been in private general practice for the past 5 years with a special interest in children’s complaints. His medical studies have spanned Leeds University, BIH London, North West College of Homeopathy and St Georges Medical School London and he regularly appears on television He has had the privilege of studying under world renowned eminent Homeopathic Doctors, such as Dr Jonathan Hardy, Dr Jeff Johnson and Dave Mundy.

Therapies offered at the clinic include Homeopathic Medicine, Cupping Therapy (Hijaamah), Food intolerance testing, colonic Hydrotherapy and reflexology / Indian Head massage. They have also      recently introduced the Amazing 3D lipo fat freezing and body sculpting machine, the 3D lipo med. They regularly hold pain and eczema clinics.

Here are some testimonials from their existing clients:

“I would recommend Homeopathic medicine to everyone with any kind of pain or illness, long term or sudden onset. It works wonders!

“I have had cupping therapy at The Zenith Clinic on a few occasions for lower lumbar pain and it really works. I come in doubled over in pain and walk out perfectly fine. It is a good experience and everyone should try it.”
Mrs A.K

“Certainly I would recommend this to anyone who experiences any kind of illness, pains or cognitive issues i.e. depression or for that matter any form of illness. Before I had therapy I was suffering from cramps and feeling restricted in my range of movements, but since my treatments I feel fantastic; Alhamdulillah. I would recommend to anyone thinking of having this carried out.”
Mr U.K

Address: Eden House, 125 Little Horton Lane, Bradford, BD5 0HT
Phone: +44 (0) 1274 541118

Homeopathic Consultant: Moulana Hayaat R. Khan, B.A (HONS) D.I.HOM. R.HOM. DIP B.E.R. R.S.HOM fully insured member of the Society of Homeopaths and bound by their code of ethics


by Aneka Shoukat, Trainee Solicitor, Shire Solicitors

It’s something we all dread but what should you do when you’ve been involved in a car accident? One thing not to do is panic. Its human instinct to panic when something unexpected occurs but this is the worst way to react. The other party will prey on your panic and cause you to not take the appropriate action. The most important thing to do in this situation is to remain calm and think rationally. The below will inform you step by step what to do and the potential pitfalls you may face.

The first thing to do is to stop your car as soon as you can. Stop your car in a safe area if possible. Once you have done this, you must exchange details with the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident. Even if the other party admits fault straight away ensure you exchange full names, addresses and contact numbers with the driver. Other information you will need is vehicle registration numbers and insurance company details and policy numbers. All this information will be required to deal with any claims you make. This also ensures you are not provided with false information.

In these situations there is one piece of advice which will hold you in good stead is to protect yourself. The other party may admit fault to you at the time of the accident, however they may later state that you were the cause of the accident. Therefore it is crucial you obtain as many details as you can. The other party will be relying on you to panic and forget to obtain this information. The other party may provide you with a false name or address. Therefore we recommend asking the other party for ID such as a driving licence. This will confirm they are telling the truth and if they refuse to do so then alarm bells should start ringing.

Dealing with claims you may make against the other party, often the most crucial piece of evidence will be the witness statements of independent third parties who witnessed the accident. It is vital in cases where liability may be disputed that you have independent third parties who will corroborate your version of events. You should approach the potential witnesses and confirm they are willing to provide a statement in support. Once they confirm they are happy to do so then take down their names and contact details. You can then provide this information to your solicitor who will contact the witnesses on your behalf to obtain a full witness statement from them.

Ensure you take pictures of the damage caused to both vehicles and of the surrounding area. This may be used as evidence to show which party caused the accident. Sometimes there will be minor damage caused to the vehicles; however the other driver may then produce pictures showing extensive damage and state that you caused them. Therefore in order to protect yourself you should take pictures showing the actual damage however minor it may be. The other driver may state he does not wish to make a claim and that he will not pursue the matter, however it is important to note that there is a three year limitation rule in which a person can claim against you. Therefore you may get a letter from a solicitor a year or even two years later. Drawing a sketch of the scene of the accident is also helpful. Note down the vehicle positions, collision points and the road names.

Not only should you take pictures of the vehicle damage but you should take pictures of the driver and the passengers. This will ensure no other “passengers” suddenly appear and want to claim against you. You may find there was only one driver and one passenger but five people have put a claim against you. Therefore taking pictures of the driver and passengers will ensure this does not happen.

Another key step which most forget to do is to check if you can see any CCTV cameras around the area where the accident occurred. For example if you notice a camera outside a shop then approach the owner of the shop and ask if their CCTV camera may have recorded the accident. The CCTV can be used as evidence for any potential claims and again may be a vital piece of evidence showing who caused the accident. If there are any cameras which are owned by the local authority then you may also approach them and request to see the footage.

There may be instances where the emergency services will need to be contacted. For example when someone has been seriously injured and requires immediate medical attention. There are also situations where the other driver involved in the accident fails to stop and exchange details. You must call the police and inform them of this as this is a criminal offence under the Road Traffic Act. If you are suspicious that the other party is not telling the truth about their identity then you should contact the police and raise your concerns with them.

You must inform your insurer immediately if you’ve been involved in an accident. You can call your insurer to advise them of this but you should also send them a letter telling them what’s happened. You may also have a condition in your insurance policy that states you have to report any accidents to your insurance company within a reasonable time, even if you don’t want to claim yourself.

Taking these simple steps in a stressful situation will help you greatly if you wish to make a claim against the other party involved in a car accident.

Aneka Shoukat
Trainee Solicitor, Shire Solicitors, Bradford, BD1 3AZ 01274 727373

by Sophie Bourner
You wouldn’t be mistaken in thinking that your company logo and slogan is the branding for your business. Although these features are key, it does however go far beyond this, branding involves every part of a customer’s experience when they are involved in your business.

From your logo on your website, to your social media and online­ presence, to printed advertising and even staff uniforms! Your brand incorporates the way in which you interact with customers, be that on the phone, email or via social media platforms. Branding is the way in which a customer identifies you when they think of your company name, service or product.

At Se7en Services we adopted a simple black and white logo which reflects the values of our company, we are black and white, you get what you see. This has been carried through all of our marketing and advertising materials, both online and in print, allowing us to be easily identified by our customers. This continuity offers stability to our customers, and we follow this through with top level customer service.

So why is branding so important for your business?

  • BRANDING UPHOLDS RECOGNITION. You are more likely to do business with a company that is familiar to you. Consistent branding that is easy to recognise will help customers feel more comfortable when purchasing a product or using an experience.
  • YOUR BRAND HELPS SET YOU APART FROM THE COMPETITION. With technology allowing us to connect with people from all over the world, it is vital that your business stands out from the crowd. You are no longer competing on local level. A clear and structured brand guideline will help you stand out from the numerous other business out there.
  • YOUR BRAND TELLS PEOPLE ABOUT how you run your business. From the visual features of your brand to the way that your phones are answered these all work together in telling your customer about the kind of company that you are. Is your business giving off the right impression that reflects your business values?
  • CLEAR BRAND GUIDELINES GIVES DIRECTION FOR YOUR STAFF. A clear brand guideline will provide clarity to your staff with how to act when working with customers. That way you are safe I the knowledge that everyone is working to the same standard.
  • A STRONG BRAND Helps GENERATE REFERRALS. When you find a company that you like doing business with, you are more than likely going to tell your family and friends about it. A strong, consistent brand will help customers remember who you are so that they are able to refer you later on.

Branding works best when it is built on a strong idea. The likes of Coca-Cola, Apple and Nike are worth far more than their physical assets, and their strong company branding is what has helped them exceed this value. Your own branding needs to infiltrate your entire business. Here at Se7en Services we can help you figure out your brand guideline and help you put it into place. We cover everything from logo design, to social media graphics, to printed advertising, keeping in line with your own brand guidelines.

Sophie Bourner
Branding + Marketing Consultant
01904 207005
07710 081196

A man is doing the unthinkable by walking across Britain to promote peace.

Tanausu Herrera (39), set off from London on 24 May and has so far covered over 800 miles.

He landed in Bradford last week and only by chance he was spotted by locals who questioned his passing through the city. Local businessman John Simms, who runs Glyde House, was amazed at Tanausu’s effort, that he convinced the Tenerife born trekker to stay in the city to rest and recover from the strenuous walking distance he has covered.

John persuaded Jonathan Hall, Deputy General Manager at the Midland Hotel, to provide a room and food for Mr Herrera who could also take time to visit Bradford’s Peace Museum.

Speaking to Urban Echo, Mr Herrera said: “I started walking from London on 24 May. The reason why I took the decision to walk the whole of England was that I was upset with all the violence and uncertainty happening around the world. More so, the recent violence here in England with the Manchester and London terrorist attacks.

I want to promote peace. I see myself as a messenger for peace. I want to show the world that humanity does still exist.”

Mr Herrera’s passing through Bradford was a low key affair as he has only been promoting his activities via his personal Facebook page. It was only by luck that Mr Simms bumped into him and was so impressed by his efforts, that he wanted as many people to know of Mr Herrera’s quest for peace.

“I just could not let him leave our city without us celebrating the fact that he visited us. He is doing an amazing job and we all need to get behind him during the rest of his journey”, Mr Simms told Urban Echo.

Mr Herrera has been mainly camping throughout his journey and has been relying on food donations from strangers.

“I have lost a lot of weight since I stared this journey but that was expected. The plan is to walk to London and rest for a while and then I would like to walk to Brussels where I can hand a letter to the European Institute of Peace.

“I would also like to thank everyone that supported me in Bradford and for all their love. Bradford people are truly amazing.”

You can follow Mr Herrera’s journey on Facebook and if you do come across him somewhere in the UK, do offer him some support and a bite to eat.

by Noreen Khan
In a time of austerity and desperation when facing insurmountable economic and financial pressures coupled with loneliness and being a single parent, the future is often bleak. The pathway to prosperity is economic self-sufficiency and for that to happen there should be a strong and stable safety net that works to support single mothers at both the grassroots level and with the aim of bringing progressive policy development change at the highest level.

This is very much the fundamental core of the work of Neesie. It believes that in order to move single mothers and their families out of poverty and onto a path towards long-term economic stability, graduated and continued support is necessary. Neesie provides a platform for single mothers and their children to enable and facilitate them to grow independently, simultaneously accessing mutual support to help better their lives, and experience love and understanding. To provide opportunities for engagement in an atmosphere of care, love and joy.

We believe that by strengthening mothers in the areas of confidence building, education, employment, social cohesion and inclusion and parental support, the entire family structure can be strengthened. We seek to make progressive steps by engineering opportunities, through partnership working that will strengthen women with children in these areas thus removing barriers that interfere with their ability to prosper. Neesie aims to provide women with children, the hopes and skills to build an economically and emotionally stable home environment through our sustainable programs.

Neesie deliver a range of programme through tailor made solutions ranging from financial security, employment, training as well as advice on health and well–being, training and development, first aid, fire safety, hate crime and bullying to cybercrime. The diverse range of programmes are designed to meet the needs of our broad spectrum of society and the hundreds of mums that are supported through Neesie.

Neesie works locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, establishing convivial platforms for women so that they can energise and prosper. The added value that Neesie brings from the Third Sector is the voice of an invisible community who have been neglected and looked upon as not a vulnerable community. However, the alarming statistics indicate otherwise and the trajectory of lone parents is increasing. Therefore, Neesie is working very closely with Government Ministers to introduce and implement policy directives to look at putting in place interventional measures to avoid further pressures on public services.

Neesie is committed to providing pathways to prosperity for mothers, who might otherwise live in poverty. We give them an opportunity to build a new life full of hope, by inspiring, educating and energising them to reach their full potential in society. With the help of our strategic partners, we can successfully balance the scales of priority to their advantage ensuring a brighter future and creating a legacy for their children and our community.

If you or anyone you know can benefit from Neesie or further support Neesie, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Noreen Khan on 07505 994069 or email on

Facebook: Welcome Neesie

Twitter: @TweetNeesie

Noreen Khan (Director) is a Community Social Engineer, making advances in community and social inclusion, rigorously working on systematic Policy Development with Government Ministers to pave pathways to prosperity.

After completing a move into the heart of Leeds city centre, Blacks Solicitors LLP reveals just how far it has come and its continued growth plans for the future of the law firm.

Since 2009, the firm has grown in size from 100 to 180 employees, which has resulted in the firm doubling its turnover to 12 million pounds at the end of the most recent financial year.

For the business the move into the City Point office on King Street, is all part of the firm’s vision to attract the best talent in Yorkshire and to continue to provide an inspirational, contemporary office space in which its teams can thrive.

The team at Blacks has taken over the entire 2nd floor of the building, with 11,000 sq ft of office space bringing seven departments together through an open plan interior with communal and breakout spaces. The office also boasts a number of state-of-the-art meeting rooms and an executive boardroom, which can be opened into a larger space for the many events and activities hosted by Blacks throughout the year; such as its breakfast networking events and training seminars.

Managing Partner, Chris Allen, has undoubtedly been a catalyst in the firm’s continued success. Speaking about the move and the future of Blacks, he said: “Having all the teams under one roof is great for team morale and will improve communication between them. This ability to quickly share knowledge will in turn provide clients with an even better and slicker service.”

“This move endorses our approach towards further growth with room for an additional 40 new employees, to accommodate the finest legal experts in the region.”

Blacks Solicitors’ reputation as one of the county’s leading practices was reaffirmed at the end of 2016 with the law firm winning both crucial cases for its clients and a handful of glittering awards throughout the past 12 months; including the coveted prize of ‘Law Firm of the Year (11-30 partners)’ for the second time in 3 years at the Yorkshire Legal Awards.

With public recognition for its charitable CSR work, the 4 hour call back promise and friendly, honest & professional advice, it is easy to see why Blacks Solicitors has earned the glowing reputation it has today.

For more information about any of their services or to find out about the new offices, please get in touch or visit: