Does Your Business Need Social Media?

by April Hedley

Does your own or any business need social media to be successful, have you considered using social media as source of marketing?

Social media for business’ can be an essential way to reach your desired clientele, gain valuable insights and expand your companies brand with little to no cost!

Having an online presence as we all know is one of the easiest and most successful ways for people to connect together. Social media within a company has many proven benefits, however there can be a downside too!

Some Advantages

+ You can interact with more people on a wider scale.

+ Being on social media can give a modern fresh feel to your company, it adds a personal touch to your   business making you more approachable-If this is the impression you want to express to your clients!

+ Promoting your business online is affordable, simple to use and easily accessed anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet.

+ Of course having an active social media is a great way for your clients to give you feedback on how they found your service/product instantly.

+ Another benefit of social media is a great way to boost your website traffic and search ranking, being active on social media will help direct people to your website.

+ Social media observing, using social media is a great way to gather information on what your competitors are up to, giving you the advantage to stay ahead of the game with people in the same industry as you.

+ Before social media it was a lot harder for marketers to ensure that their latest products reached the desired customer within a certain time frame, now you can share content quicker, simpler and more efficiently.

Some Disadvantages

+ Having to find new and exciting content is probably the biggest difficulty of using social media, you must keep your followers involved and enthusiastic about what you want to say otherwise unfortunately your online presence will quickly fade.

+ Building a social media strategy and keeping up with day to day news its essential. This can be the hardest part about running your social media pages. Done right it will help massively.

+ Unwanted attention, this is a tricky one. On one hand you want customer feedback, on the other you don’t want customer feedback that can potential damage your business and online presence.

+ Whatever the threat, having a social media strategy and formulating your procedure and processes vigilantly beforehand can help you manage the risks.

These are just a few examples of the for and against of introducing social media into your business, if you are going to use social media to promote and let people engage with your business and products, do it right! It’s a fantastic way to really boost your company’s name and merchandise. Running your own social media can be overwhelming and exhausting, here at Se7en services we can help you start your own online journey or help you manage an existing platform that you are struggling to maintain.

For more information or assistance please visit our website or follow us on social media!

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