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Don’t spoil your Christmas by drink driving

People are being urged to think twice about being over the legal alcohol limit before they get behind the wheel this Christmas, and to bear in mind that alcohol remains in their system for several hours after their last drink.

Drinking late at night or into the early hours then driving the next day could result in a positive breath test, if a person is pulled over and long lasting consequences.

Alcohol can take several hours to leave the blood stream – the average person processes one unit of alcohol per hour, but this can vary depending on a person’s size, gender metabolism and what they have drank.

There are also no quick ways to get rid of alcohol from one’s system, only time; coffee, a cold shower, fresh air or other ‘remedies’ don’t work.

Sue Snoddy, Bradford Council’s Casualty Reduction and Road Safety Partnership Manager, said: “If you have to get up early in the morning to drive to work or for any other journey, make sure there is enough time for any alcohol in your system to dissipate before you get behind the wheel. If in doubt, don’t drive.

“Drink driving can have disastrous consequences for those involved in accidents and even minimum amounts of alcohol can impair everyone’s ability to drive safely.”

People caught drink driving will face arrest, a fine up to £5,000, minimum 12 month driving ban, possible job loss and a criminal record.

Guidance from the Government’s Think Campaign includes:

  • You don’t have to feel drunk to be a drink driver.
  • A second drink could double your chances of being in a fatal collision. THINK!
  • Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive.
  • The safest thing to do, is to not drink any alcohol before driving.
  • This doesn’t reflect the everyday consequences of being caught drink driving which can include; job loss, trouble getting into other countries, shame and loss of independence.
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