EFWU win tribunal against Cap HPI Limited who are found guilty of breaching employment law

Equality for Workers Union (EFWU) is an independent UK based workers union that is growing at a rapid rate in the Yorkshire region.

The focus of this union is to advocate for the employment rights of individuals aged under 25 who work in call centres, retail, banking and supermarkets.

The EFWU works closely with the youth from different communities across Yorkshire to prevent them being subject to unfair treatment at work and taken advantage of by their employers.

The general secretary of this truly independent union is Mizan Muqit. He believes it is important to spread awareness and educate the youth about their employee rights as they are the future of the nation.

The determination of this union to uphold employee rights is mirrored in their recent victory against Cap HPI Limited in a tribunal case. Where a member of the EFWU, Tahir Yasin suffered detriment at the hands of his employer, Cap HPI Limited, when he was refused the right to be accompanied by a union representative at a probation review meeting and as a direct consequence of this detriment his employment was terminated.

Imran Rehman, a union representative from EFWU, took Cap HPI Limited to tribunal to teach the employers a lesson to not treat their employees in a despicable and inhumane manner. Mr Rehman worked tirelessly to defend the member and uphold his employee rights. He successfully convinced the tribunal that the refusal was an infringement of Mr Yasin’s employee rights and as a result of this he suffered a significant detriment and is entitled to compensation.

The tribunal found in favour of Mr Yasin, holding Cap HPI Limited to be guilty of breaching employment law by refusing the right to be accompanied by a union representative at a formal meeting.

Mr Yasin, thrilled with his victory against his employer, states: “I was treated badly by my last employer, allegations were made against me which were not true and not properly investigated. I turned to the union for assistance and, walked away with the last word.

I can move forward in my career with confidence knowing that I have someone to turn to when things get difficult.

Joining the EFWU was an important decision for me and without their support I would not have got justice

If you’re not in a union then I recommend to join today!”

This case highlights the importance of young people being members of a trade union because they are being subject to unfair treatment and the employers need to be taught a lesson.

If you feel you have been bullied or suffer from any other form of discrimination at a workplace, you can contact EFWU on www.efwu.org, email: info@efwu.org or by telephone on 0113 336 5261. The EFWU provide representation to workers from any industry or sector.


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