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Fat Freezing technology at The Zenith Clinic

How would it sound if a friend informed you that in their quest to lose fat and slim down, after spending HOURS in the gym daily, dieting and watching what they ate, all to no avail, they almost achieved the impossible, a six pack by simply putting a large rectangle cup on the area and letting it be sucked up and frozen!!

Yes, that is exactly what I heard when I visited The Zenith Clinic recently to find out about their latest addition, the New revolutionary 3D Lipo Med machine. This machine is the latest state of the art therapy for removing unwanted fat, now offered at The Zenith Clinic. It not only removes fat without surgery, dieting or exercise, it also tightens loose skin, for those individuals who have sagging skin. It has also won numerous awards for cellulite treatment, cellulite is the orange peel dimple like fat found on the legs which is normally very hard to remove and very common in people, especially ladies who have to stand for long durations.

We had decided to visit the clinic to see this cutting edge, expensive machine (the machine is valued at an eye watering £28,000 first hand. On arrival, it was our good fortune that we met Zaheer who had just finished a treatment session on the very same machine. Zaheer, had been for a single session of Cryolipolysis or fat freezing as it is known, 3 months ago, (Cryolipolysis is SO Powerful ONLY one treatment can be performed in the same area in any 3 month period). He was so pleased with his previous results that he had returned for a further treatment on another area of his body. Looking at this patients before and after pictures, I was amazed. All of the podgy fat from his stomach had disappeared. This patient was 100 % convinced. He had tried every form of exercise to shift this abdominal fat but it has stubbornly refused to budge. He then tried a single session of Fat freezing. As you can see from the below before and after pictures this patient kindly allowed us to use, he now seems just a whisker away from the mythical six pack. Wow! This after 1 treatment. Boy, was I convinced and I had to find out more.

What is it?

Cryolipolysis is a revolutionary non –surgical fat reduction treatment used to reduce stubborn fat from the body. Especially belly fat, love handles, post pregnancy stomach fat. The Zenith Clinic are excited to offer this amazing treatment to give you a slimmer, more defined figure.

What are the Benefits?

  • Permeant fat loss –once the fat cells are eliminated, they cannot grow back.
  • Up to 40 % reduction in fat
  • Non Invasive – avoids needles and typical surgical risks
  • Quick and painless – fast treatment with anaesthesia
  • No downtime – can be done in lunch break

What does treatment involve?

This non – surgical treatment does not require any anaesthesia. Cooling plates are placed on the area being treated. You will feel a pulling sensation and intense cold in the area for the first few minutes. During cryo-lipo at The Zenith Clinic, you can relax, work on your laptop, or take a nap. See results in as quick as 2 weeks, however optimum results can take up to 3 months.

Does it Work?

Yes. I saw evidence first hand. It has also been used successfully by celebrities to keep trim and shapely for the last 18 plus years. Countless celebrities have and are using 3D lipo amongst others are Gemma Collins, Amy Childs, Coleen Rooney, Patsy Kensit, Danielle Armstrong have all benefited from 3D lipo. The Zenith Clinic have many satisfied patients. Amongst them is the nice man I met in The Zenith Clinic reception.

Below is the testimonial from the patient I met at the clinic.

“After many months of dieting and training in the gym I was struggling to shift body fat from my stomach. I had visited Zenith in the past for cupping treatment and learned about 3D Lipo Med via the consultant. I decided to carry out my own research then consequently decided to give it a try. I booked my first session in March of 2017. After a thorough consultation, I decided to go for the treatment. The process is very straightforward. The suction cups do create a strange sensation; a little like a bit like putting a vacuum to your hand, feeling tight but not painful or uncomfortable. After a few minutes, my abdomen began to feel cold however it was not until the suction cups had been removed that I realized how cold! My skin was numb to touch; like having your hand placed in an ice bucket for a prolonged period. Post procedure advice is to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Having followed this advice, I began to see a visible difference in appearance around the 3 week mark. 2 months later, an even larger difference. Four months on you can see from the pictures the amazing difference. That’s why I have recently had another session and I am looking forward to seeing the results in the coming weeks! I would definitely recommend the treatment if, like me you are struggling to shift body fat from stubborn areas.”

So, if you are struggling to lose fat from your body, maybe you need to do the smart thing and book a consultation for Fat Freeing at The Zenith Clinic. I know what I will be doing.

The Zenith Clinic – Eden House -125 Little Horton Lane, Bradford

The Zenith Clinic – 318 Bradford Road, Shipley.


01274 541118

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