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Future Labour candidates suspended for backing rival candidate in Bradford West during General Election

Bradford West never fails to entertain me.

In a turn of events, the Labour Party has expelled three of its members for supporting Independent candidate Salma Yaqoob ahead of Labour’s Naz Shah in this year’s General Election. But is this a surprise? Absolutely not!

The three expelled members are former Bradford councillor Faisal Khan, Abad Hussain and Adil Hussain (also known as Adil Shaan).

In documents leaked to the Telegraph & Argus, the three identical letters from Labour headquarters read: “It has been brought to our attention with supporting evidence that you supported a candidate who stood against the Labour Party in the 2017 General Election which is incompatible with membership of the Labour Party.

“You are therefore ineligible to remain a member of the Labour Party and have been removed from the national membership system.”

But it appears this is just the tip of the iceberg. A constituent of Bradford East who does not want to be named, has told Urban Echo, “This has been going on for a while now and quite frankly we are all sick of it. There are certain members of the Labour Party who have no allegiance to the party whatsoever and are constantly drifting from one party to the other depending on the candidate.”

“I know past councillors as well as active sitting councillors of the Labour party who were secretly campaigning for Salma Yaqoob against Labour in Bradford West but at the same time were also campaigning at the front line for Labour in Bradford East.”

Mr Faisal Khan, who was a Respect and then an Independent councillor told the T&A, “We have an MP there who is not popular and I cannot support anyone who denigrates the electorate as she has done.”

Not popular? I don’t think that Mr Khan can speak for or act as a mouth piece for the 28,000 members who voted for Ms Shah despite the efforts from himself, Abad Hussain, Adil Hussain and others from within the Labour Party to oust the sitting Bradford West MP. Ms Shah’s majority result was in fact the best result in Yorkshire and Humber as well as the 15th best result in the country of all Labour wins. More bizarrely, according to sources, the trio were campaigning in Bradford West AGAINST Labour in the morning, and by afternoon were campaign FOR Labour in Bradford East.

One also has to note that the expelled trio were also ardent supporters of the Bradford East Labour MP. More worryingly for the local Labour Party, two of them were on the future candidates programme. The question is, how many more Labour members or aspiring candidates are soon to learn of their fate for betraying ‘their’ party?

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