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Has Nessie finally been caught on video? Footage appears to show monster’s head and neck emerging from the waters of Loch Ness


  • Richard Collis captured video footage of a strange figure in Loch Ness
  • Video appears to show the long neck and head of the infamous monster
  • Nessie appears around 500ft away from the shore in the middle of water
  • Mr Collis said he is normally a sceptic but cannot explain what is in the video
  • It is the latest Nessie sighting – with first recorded around 1,500 years ago
  • Thousands of photos have been taken, claiming to have captured the monster, and experts have held dozens of investigations to find Nessie 

On any other stretch of water it probably wouldn’t garner a second glance. But this is monster territory.

Footage of a shadowy figure briefly emerging from the depths of Loch Ness has once again fuelled speculation that its legendary resident is alive and well.

Grainy footage has emerged showing a long and thin shape swaying in the water that bears a striking resemblance to Nessie’s fabled slender neck.

The video shows the object waving in the choppy water, around 500ft from the loch’s shore.

It was captured by Richard Collis – who counts himself amongst the most ardent Nessie cynics after years of fishing on the waters without a sighting.

But the tree planter was so taken aback by the mysterious shape he noticed while driving along the edge of the loch that he filmed it on his iPhone, and believes he might have stumbled upon the real deal.



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