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Steve McNichol. Managing Director of Se7en Services

In a time of mass political and social unrest, how can businesses protect themselves from the pitfalls of an uncertain world and economy?

With a snap General Election soon to be upon us, Brexit to be a reality in a matter of months and new attacks on people and infrastructures taking place each day, who in their right mind would want to own or manage a UK business?

In truth, today is no better or worse than yesterday to take the plunge into the world of commerce. Though the political and social climates may seem bleak, and with neither of the electoral front runners offering an obvious answer to fixing the economy without adding more pressure to struggling businesses, it is important to believe that there will always be a tomorrow for the UK economy. No matter what happens on June 8th and no matter the impact of Brexit, trade in Britain will continue, adapt and grow again.

There is no magic formula to achieving success, as individuals and business leaders, all any of us can do is be sure that we are as prepared as we can be to protect ourselves from changing times and unpredictable events such as those that occurred recently in Manchester. Key however, to giving yourself and your company the best chance of success are a few seemingly simple rules that I have learned through my professional career which will stand any leader in good stead.

  • Plan. Make sure that you are certain of your financial and strategic goals. It sounds simple but if you are unprepared, you will never be able to measure success and identify areas which need to be improved.
  • Research. Stay up to date with National and World News. If you are not aware of what is happening around you, you cannot adapt and stay ahead of the game. No business can prosper without a willingness to change with the times.
  • Listen. Take the best advice possible. Very few people can do every job in their organisation and a good leader recognises the importance of accepting help. If you surround yourself with good people and advisors, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to succeed.
  • Look forward. Embracing technology can make everything from enhancing communication to creating tangible operational efficiencies a reality. In a world in which Social Media is king, no true leader can drive a business forward without accepting changing times and maintaining a Social Presence.
  • Stop. All businesses are only as strong as their leaders. A leader is an ambassador to their clients and employees. If you are too tired to motivate your workforce and lead your business growth will stall.

As Managing Director of several successful businesses and having learned from the many mistakes that I have made along the way, I am proud to say that the mission of Se7en Services is to help every business become the best that it can be by providing support to our clients and helping every business to avoid the pitfalls that have befallen me along the way. We are proud to offer fair, unbiased, independent advice to anyone who wants to grow and protect their business.

The United Kingdom and particularly the North of England is an exciting place to be and to do business, even in these uncertain times. We have knowledge, creativity and tenacity to overcome the challenges that lay ahead and with confidence and drive can become a true force to be reckoned with. Keep faith, try, be willing to make mistakes and learn. Things will get better.

By Steve McNichol. Managing Director of Se7en Services.

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