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How Technology Could Make Your Business More Profitable

by Steve McNichol. Managing Director of Se7en Services

Sometimes the old ways are the best- sometimes the new ways are even better.

Every business owner today knows the importance of keeping their business up to date and ready for the next challenge. Implementing new technology to keep your business ahead of the curve can seem daunting and many often shy away from it for fear of the expense. Here are some easy and cost-efficient ways using technology in your business could help you be smarter and more profitable.


Using quality time tracking software pays for itself. Precisely tracking the time spent on projects and building an understanding of where your time is being best used allows you to accurately bill your clients and manage your time more effectively. Many of the top cloud-based time tracking apps such as Tsheets, Rotacloud, uAttend and Dovico also allow your employees to interact with the system and track their own time, report attendance, sickness and holidays which can save you endless time exchanging information between business functions such as payroll and finance and many can help you automate rotas based on productivity and business needs. Many of these systems run on a subscription based service and will offer you a free trial, allowing you to find the right tool for you.


If your business uses social media as a marketing tool (or would like to), a multi-platform publishing tool such as Hootsuite, Hubspot or Zoho will allow you to publish your adverts or other content to multiple sites all at once, saving you time logging on to every website separately. An incredibly useful feature of these tools is the ability to schedule your posts ahead of time, meaning you only have to think about it once a week or month and let it post for you in the background. Many of these multi-platform tools will also offer you incredibly important insights into how your customers are engaging with your posts, allowing you to reach your customers quicker and more successfully.

Mobile and Collaborative Working

Many small businesses are constantly challenged by the increasing cost of overheads such as rent and electricity and mobile collaborative working is becoming increasingly popular to combat these costs. Creating a mobile office using Google Drive or a similar cloud-based service allows you to manage documents and work on projects collaboratively with your colleagues in real time without the need for bricks and mortar. Running a mobile workspace can also dramatically reduce your overheads by helping your office go paperless. Aside from being environmentally friendly, a paperless system helps keep your costs down by keeping your files organised, eliminating the need for space and time consuming filing systems. It will also ensure all of your data and work is backed up so no time is wasted repeating lost work and it can be accessed wherever you are in the world.


Arguably the easiest way for technology to make an impact in your business is by implementing online payment services for your customers. Allowing your customers to pay for your product with an online service such as ApplePay or Intuit gives your customer the ability to pay quickly and securely and gets your money to your quicker than traditional payment methods. Integrating online payment systems to your bookkeeping system is quick and easy and helps you keep everything in one place. The easier payment is for your customer, the fewer challenges you will face with late payments affecting your cashflow.

Here at Se7en Services, we can help you put your business at the forefront of business technology and stay ahead of the competition.

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