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How to grow and utilise your business’ online presence

by Justine Hughes, Se7en Services

Almost every business you can think of in this day and age has some form of online presence. Many will simply have a small website or a facebook page, others will have interactive smartphone apps and online stores. But which is right for your business? And is the investment really worth it?

Social Media

In the UK, 66% of the population are active social media users, your business cannot afford to be missing out on reaching this audience. Of course, the largest benefit to using social media is that for the most part, social media business tools are completely free. However, you mustn’t underestimate the cost of the time it takes to keep your social media updated. If you just update your social sites as and when you can fit it in, your brand message will become inconsistent and people are likely to miss your posts. Instead of taking your time to post across all your different sites, use a multi-platform tool such as HootSuite or Loomly which will allow you to create and curate your posts for the week or month in one go and schedule your posts for you. Meaning you only have to think about it once a week.

Most social media platforms these days will also offer paid options such as boosted or sponsored posts. This means the site’s algorithm will boost your post on people’s social feeds depending on what audience you want to target. If you are trying to market your product to a specific demographic, these paid options can be invaluable.


Although a good one will always cost money, having a website is the easiest way for customers to engage with your business. Many customers will be put off if there isn’t an easy place for them to find out information about your business such as opening times, prices or contact details. Aside from this, once you have your website set up, most website providers can give you really important and useful information about how your customers use your website. For example, how long are they staying on your site? Which section of the site do they visit the most? How did they find your website? These analytics will help you gain important insight into how your customers engage with your business and your products and service.

Building a strong website can also give your business credibility, by showcasing testimonials and examples of your work, customers can see that your brand can be trusted to produce quality.

Online Stores

Once you have a website, an online store can be a really great way to diversify your customer base if it is appropriate for your product. Having an online store gives you access to a whole new customer base and offers your current customers a more flexible way to shop. Through your online store, you can easily recommend related products to your customer and up-sell without the staffing costs. In terms of profitability, it is incredibly easy to understand whether or not the maintenance of an online store is giving you a good return on investment as your website costs will remain consistent, unlike a bricks and mortar store or office.

If you are unsure how to get started building your online presence, or need a hand making it even stronger, we are proud at Se7en Services to be able to guide businesses with these challenges towards a more innovative lucrative future, in the best interests of both your employees and your bottom line.

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