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By Qainaat Aftab

QainaatYes… It’s almost Christmas! The lights have turned on around different cities and the Christmas markets have unfolded. Now if that doesn’t get you into the festive spirit, then I don’t know what will. We’ve had enough sweets and scares from Halloween as well as the beautiful fireworks from Bonfire night. Now Christmas is fast approaching, the question I pose is, do we start the jovial celebrations too early?

At the start of November, John Lewis broadcasted their Christmas advert and by walking around the streets of the city centre, I recognised that many high street shops had also started decorating their displays with beautiful fairy lights and tinsel… with white powder. Much of the year is built up to the hype of Christmas, which means many people can be premature in their celebration, putting decorations up in October and the start of November. My questions are… When is it too early to indulge in the festivities?

Do the early celebrations make it less exciting then it is supposed to be? Is it too commercial – are we pressured into buying Christmas items early? Here is what some of you had to say…

LUCY 19 – “I feel like the majority of the year gets wasted because people are so caught up around Christmas. I love Christmas but we will still be in summer and people are already banging on about Christmas. I feel like the end of November or beginning of December has to be the best time to put your decorations up.”

JOHN 21 – “As soon as Halloween is over everyone gets into the proper Christmas spirit. The Christmas hype is fab and everyone tends to be happier which is great. The only bad thing is my empty wallet at the end of it.”

AMBER 40 – “Everyone loves the atmosphere of Christmas; however I think that many parents can feel pressured into buying gifts early as it is heavily advertised on television and in the stores. Because of this, I think parents feel obliged to spend to avoid disappointing our children.”

LAURIE 18 – “Christmas is the best time of year and I love it when people start the celebrations earlier. Whenever people want to put their decorations up they can, there is not a time limit.”

LYNNE 52 – “Everything is so expensive nowadays which makes me dread the fact that Christmas is coming up. I think sometimes we can all get caught up in buying gifts but we miss the real point which is the time we spend with our families.”

MEGAN 19 – “It is never too early to indulge in festivities! Christmas adverts are the best indicator of when to put the decorations up, especially the John Lewis ones – I love them! I think the start of November is the perfect time to start celebrating.”

JORDAN 23 – “It can be crazy when people start decorating too early but I think Christmas is an all year thing. Even after Christmas day, when you get the Boxing day and new year’s sale, my mum is stocking up for gifts and bargains for the following year.”

LAUREN 19 – “When the weather is freezing it feels like Christmas and let face it, that’s all the time in England. I think when the light switches have happened and when the German Christmas markets start, it is the best time to get all Christmassy. They really put you in the spirit to celebrate.”

If you want to indulge in the festivities early, who cares what anybody else thinks. For some of you it may be too early, but to others it may not be – Merry Christmas from me! Have your say! We would love to hear what the rest of you have to say, so why not get in touch? You can contact me on qainaat@urban-echo.co.uk

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