Making your back office drive up your margin

by Richard Paydon, Se7en Services

Do you recognise this story?

You’ve done your market research, you’ve sourced your products and suppliers, you have customers waiting in anticipation; your new business is going to set the world alight!

Does this sound familiar? Well you are not alone. We all have this vision when we set up a new business.

Now for the reality. Customers still love the product but don’t pay on time, half your day is spent chasing them, cash is tight but suppliers still need paying and invoices need raising, a day of your time every week is spent calculating payroll for employees who reward your efforts by complaining that they are underpaid and to top it off, at month end when you think you’ve had a good month you have no cash as you haven’t had time to spend on credit control.

Ok, perhaps my example may seem extreme, but in the case of many SME’s, owners and managers often need to perform several roles and time is the most precious commodity of all. One of the most frequent concerns we hear upon meeting clients is that the cost of running a back office is hindering business growth, if not destroying it altogether.

An efficient back office should add value NOT cost time and money.

After hearing the plight of our clients, Se7en Services has evolved into a market leader in total back office solutions. Services range from company formation, outsourced bookkeeping and payroll, web design/build, social media management, R&D tax claims, through to offering part time FD’s and Management Consultants.

In addition, Se7en Services have just launched a bespoke business health check service that takes a short amount of time to complete but allows Se7en Services to produce a twenty-page document covering every aspect of business which will allow clients to channel the correct amount of resource to areas of their business to help the business flourish.

Se7en Services’ in-house teams deal with every aspect of back office requirements, allowing the cost to client to be kept to a minimum. As we realise that your time is precious, the Se7en Services team will always try to speak to you at a convenient time via telephone, Skype or email, but if you prefer a more hands on approach, we are always happy to visit clients at their offices.

For more information contact

Richard Paydon 07478337009 / 01904 207 005

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