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Paul is your average chap from Bradford. He has worked all his life, paid his taxes and minds his own business. He is just your average bloke getting on with his life. As much as Paul is good-natured and overall a happy chappy, there are certain days when some people push the wrong button and he becomes a different person altogether. Here, you can read Paul’s monthly frustrations where he explodes and rants about everything and anything, resulting in him going slightly off the wall.

“I’d like to think that the things that annoy me intensely ring true with most of you out there – I’d like to be re-assured I am not just a slightly more junior Victor Meldrew who has lost the plot. But its things like this month’s rant that convince me I am still sane!! So please tell me you can relate to this!

Now I know banging on about litter is a common moan and you will, I am sure, have heard it talked about as often as the weather, however when it comes to a full paper bag full or takeaway cartons/plastic cups and wrappers being launched out of the back of a car (normally by a car full of young lads) in full view of all drivers in broad daylight then you have to ask yourself the following?

What type of moron, sorry I’ll say again, MORON does this? I have racked my brains on this many times and I still struggle to comprehend why?

Then I began to think, am I being unfair here? Just wait a minute, should I take the mind-set that seems to be quite prevalent in this Liberal Western World and has been for the last 2 or 3 decades? The mind-set that says any crime committed, no matter how large or small, l is somehow the symptom of a society we have created. That the blame for crimes such as armed robbery through to shoplifting should not be placed solely on the individual and that society is responsible for creating an environment almost forcing individuals into impossible situations.

So could this act have been a sort of two fingers up to the world or society? A way to display anger at a society that had created an environment so bad that they had no respect for themselves or people around them. The world had caused their plight – so this act was retribution, pure and simple. So could the liberals have a point? They might just well be onto something?

I pondered for quite some time, struggled with my inner self, felt a bit guilty for possibly being so judgemental on an individual I didn’t know or understand and then in a moment of mental clarity it came to me ….

NAH! – They’re just morons!

Happy Christmas and make sure you put all your wrapping paper in the bin!!!


Yours sincerely,


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