Multipotentiality: Why a ‘Jack of all Trades’ might just save your business

by Justine Hughes-De Freyman

‘Jack of all trades, master of none.’ is a phrase all of us have heard at one point or another, you may have even used it yourself- but how closely have you actually looked at ‘Jack’?

The education system in the UK is often criticised for forcing our children to narrow their subject choices too early in life. Students as young as thirteen are asked to choose their ‘options’- should they be an artist or a scientist? A mathematician or an athlete? Those in our society who choose to study one subject for a lengthy period are celebrated; doctors, professors, lawyers. Of course, these are professions to be admired, but what about the talented individuals who choose to diversify their studies?

Multi-potentiality is an educational and psychological term to describe a person who excels in two or more different fields. Think Leonardo Da Vinci, not only was he a revolutionary mathematical thinker, he also produced some of history’s most famous art. Beatrix Potter, author and illustrator of the Peter Rabbit books was also revered as one of the leading natural scientists and conservationists of her time.

In the context of your business, you may come across a CV that at first glance, looks a bit of a mess. A candidate may have jumped around in their career a lot, changing their specialties. It can be easy to dismiss this kind of CV as someone who gets bored easily or isn’t sure what they want to do. Look a little further, ask them some more questions. They might just be a multipotentialite and there are a number of reasons a multipotentialite might just save your business.

They can adapt to change.

Multipotentialites tend to jump around in their careers, meaning they have to learn new skills and adapt to new surroundings quickly. In an ever-developing world, your business is bound to evolve and you need a team around you who are ready to embrace those changes and drive your business forward.

They make great leaders.

One of the most important characteristics of a great leader is an ability to relate to each member of their team. A multipotentialite who excels in both artistic and intellectual endeavours will know how to communicate with and get the best out of the different personalities in their team and push through projects in the most efficient was possible.

Theyre great at feedback.

One of the potential downsides to having a diverse range of professional interests and skills is that you will inevitably come across failure more than once. When you are learning new skills so often, you’re going to come across one or two that just aren’t for you. After having to learn to dust themselves off and start again more times than usual, multipotentialites tend to become really good at taking and receiving feedback and developing a thick skin. They know that not everything works out first time but that there’s always a new way of doing things just around the corner.

So next time you’re looking for a new addition to your business, consider a ‘Jack of all trades’, a multipotentialite. We are proud at Se7en Services to be able to guide businesses with staffing challenges towards a more diverse, efficient and lucrative future, in the best interests of both your employees and your bottom line.

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