Name and Shame the Bradford Litter Louts

by Urban Echo community reporter

Driving through certain parts of inner-city Bradford, I was disgusted by the amount of takeaway boxes, drink cans and general rubbish littered on the streets. Roadside bins overflowing with dirty nappies and pavements covered with plastic bags full of household waste, the dark reality is that this is Bradford in 2019.

As our elected leaders have the hallucinating vision of Bradford becoming a city of culture, the only culture we are currently capital of is that of ‘Capital of Litter’. As residents of this wonderful city, many of us should be ashamed of our actions. On a daily basis, we see cars parked on the side of the road, throwing their half-eaten lunch and late-night snacks from the windows. This results in an increase of rats and vermin which are now running riot.

How often do you witness a litter lout throw rubbish and then confront them? Not many people do because they fear for their safety. One solution is to video/photograph their actions and send the evidence to the council. Only until we as residents take these steps, the litter will reduce. But do you really care? If it doesn’t concern me, you may ask why should I bother? You should bother because Bradford is your home. Bradford is where your children are growing up and Bradford is where you work and live. Take pride in your surroundings and collectively let’s tackle these litter louts because enough is enough.

Research carried out by Keep Britain Tidy reveals a quarter of Britain’s streets are strewn with cast off food cartons, drink cans, and pizza boxes.

If there is a litter problem related to particular kinds of commercial premises, such as takeaway restaurants, cinemas, sports centres, service stations and others, then the Council has powers to make Street Litter Control Notices requiring businesses to take responsibility for the waste created from their premises.

Writing this article may not have any effect but if it means one person reading this may change their ways, it is a job well done.

More than 100 people have paid Fixed Penalty Notices issued by the Council for littering from vehicles in the last 10 months. Earlier this year the Council agreed to adopt new rules which will make it easier to prosecute people who drop litter from vehicles.

When the new legislation is brought in, any litter dropped from a vehicle will be treated as the responsibility of the keeper of that vehicle, identified through the licence plate number. If the keeper cannot identify the actual person who dropped the litter they become liable for the offence and can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecuted if they fail to pay up.

Bradford Council has also raised the level of Fixed Penalty Notice fines to £100. Anyone issued with FPNs can get a £20 discount if they pay it quickly.

Let’s all unite as a city and name and shame these litter louts and make Bradford a cleaner place to live in.

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