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New rules on household waste collections in Bradford

Householders may find their general waste (green) bin collection day is changed next month as Bradford Council introduces new collection zones.

The changes coincide with new rules on household waste collections. From Tuesday, 15 March Bradford Council will only empty one general waste (green) bin per week from each household.

Bins should have the lid closed and no bags of waste at the side of the bin will be collected. Please remember to put your bin out by 6.30am.

Householders must put the right things in the right bin. Plastic bottles, glass bottles, jars, cans, paper and card must be put into the recycling (grey) bin.

Green bins are for general waste, grey bins are for recycling and brown bins are for garden waste.

Anyone wanting a free recycling (grey) bin can order one online at (www.bradford.gov.uk/recycling).

Recycling collection days will not be changing under the new system.

People with an Apple or Android mobile device can download the Bradford Council free app from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remind you when to put your bins out.

Letters will be delivered to each household to explain the changes and the new rules.

Coun Imran Khan, Bradford Council Executive Member for Environment and Sport, said: “We are changing the way we organise our bin rounds to make them more efficient and enable us to deal with unexpected problems like vehicle breakdowns as they arise.

“The other changes on policy are part of a determined drive to make people think more about recycling and the amount of waste we send for incineration and landfill.

“For environmental and economic reasons we have to increase our household recycling rates and the new rules will help us achieve our aim.”

People who have seven or more people living in one property can apply for a larger general waste bin by calling 01274 431000.

Members of Bradford Council’s Recycling Team are going out knocking on people’s doors, reminding them to recycle more and giving advice on how to reduce the amount of general waste they produce.

The more people recycle, the less space they will need in their general waste (green) bin.

Further information about recycling and what materials go in which bin can be found at (www.bradford.gov.uk/recycling).


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