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Paving Pathways to Prosperity

by Noreen Khan
In a time of austerity and desperation when facing insurmountable economic and financial pressures coupled with loneliness and being a single parent, the future is often bleak. The pathway to prosperity is economic self-sufficiency and for that to happen there should be a strong and stable safety net that works to support single mothers at both the grassroots level and with the aim of bringing progressive policy development change at the highest level.

This is very much the fundamental core of the work of Neesie. It believes that in order to move single mothers and their families out of poverty and onto a path towards long-term economic stability, graduated and continued support is necessary. Neesie provides a platform for single mothers and their children to enable and facilitate them to grow independently, simultaneously accessing mutual support to help better their lives, and experience love and understanding. To provide opportunities for engagement in an atmosphere of care, love and joy.

We believe that by strengthening mothers in the areas of confidence building, education, employment, social cohesion and inclusion and parental support, the entire family structure can be strengthened. We seek to make progressive steps by engineering opportunities, through partnership working that will strengthen women with children in these areas thus removing barriers that interfere with their ability to prosper. Neesie aims to provide women with children, the hopes and skills to build an economically and emotionally stable home environment through our sustainable programs.

Neesie deliver a range of programme through tailor made solutions ranging from financial security, employment, training as well as advice on health and well–being, training and development, first aid, fire safety, hate crime and bullying to cybercrime. The diverse range of programmes are designed to meet the needs of our broad spectrum of society and the hundreds of mums that are supported through Neesie.

Neesie works locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, establishing convivial platforms for women so that they can energise and prosper. The added value that Neesie brings from the Third Sector is the voice of an invisible community who have been neglected and looked upon as not a vulnerable community. However, the alarming statistics indicate otherwise and the trajectory of lone parents is increasing. Therefore, Neesie is working very closely with Government Ministers to introduce and implement policy directives to look at putting in place interventional measures to avoid further pressures on public services.

Neesie is committed to providing pathways to prosperity for mothers, who might otherwise live in poverty. We give them an opportunity to build a new life full of hope, by inspiring, educating and energising them to reach their full potential in society. With the help of our strategic partners, we can successfully balance the scales of priority to their advantage ensuring a brighter future and creating a legacy for their children and our community.

If you or anyone you know can benefit from Neesie or further support Neesie, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Noreen Khan on 07505 994069 or email on

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Noreen Khan (Director) is a Community Social Engineer, making advances in community and social inclusion, rigorously working on systematic Policy Development with Government Ministers to pave pathways to prosperity.

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