Popular fountains attraction reopens on Yorkshire Day

Bradford’s much-loved high tech mirror pool is up and running again after staff and contractors pulled out all the stops to repair its cutting edge fountains system.

Engineers have worked around the clock to restore the pool’s cutting edge underground fountains system so that people can once again enjoy the city’s multi-award winning urban water feature.

Much to the delight of local children, the UKs largest urban water feature will again fill and empty, and its perimeter fountains and play jets will squirt into the air providing hours of entertainment for kids of all ages.

The pool’s high quality filtration and water treatment system is back to producing swimming pool-standard levels of water quality.

Engineers will continue to work on the mirror pool over the coming months with the system expected to come back to full operation this November.

The system will be upgraded taking advantage of significant technology advances which have occurred in the last eight years.

This will include the development and installation of a bespoke web-based system to give greater control of day to day management and maintenance.

City Park’s mirror pool closed for repairs in April following a flood in its pump room.

Diagnosing and repairing the system has taken several months due to complexity of electronics, water treatment systems, pumps, valves and fountains management system.

It took several weeks just for the underground system to dry out and be tested.

Repairing the highly specialised pumps, controls and other components, and planning to assemble the high tech replacement system has also been time-consuming.

Following its installation in 2011, the cutting edge system has been the mirror pool has been carefully maintained, however, over the years the water pressure and flow rate of the gravity-fed mains water supply weakened the holding tank’s pipework causing it to fail.

The new upgrade will feature additional measures to prevent this happening again.

During the repairs, Bradford Council organised a large urban beach with nearly 40 tonnes of sand creating a 242 square metre ‘beach’ complete with classic seaside props such as striped deck chairs, colourful beach huts and comical peep through boards.

Hundreds of children have played with buckets and spades which were provided and an atmospheric seascape soundtrack recreated all the sounds of the seaside.

Since opening in March 2012, City Park has proven to be hugely popular especially in summer when thousands of children descend on the space to cool off and play in fountains and pool.

The multi-award winning space has been credited with playing a significant role in the changing fortunes of the city generating praise from urban design professionals, business people and local residents.

In 2017 the world’s largest travel website, TripAdvisor awarded the space, a Certificate of Excellence considered to be the gold standard in customer satisfaction.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: “We are thrilled to have Bradford’s multi-award winning urban water feature up and running again.

“We all feel a great sense of pride and satisfaction when we see families enjoying the space and shared local people’s disappointment when the mirror pool had to be shut down for repairs.

“Staff and contractors have worked extremely hard to bring our world-class facility back into operation and we look forward to again welcoming residents and visitors back to this much-loved attraction.”

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