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Printed vs Digital Media: Is printed media still significant in today’s digital age?

by Sophie Bourner, Se7en Services

Is printed media still significant in today’s digital age?

Newspapers, magazines, books and printed publications. We are surrounded by tangible reads and they are still a popular choice for many people. We can’t of course forget that we are living in an increasingly digital age. With internet access, you can have instant insight into news articles, current affairs, and almost everything that is available in print. It is all readily available to read online whenever suits your needs without the restrictions or shops being open and limited availability.

Media has progressively expanded to meet the needs of the digital consumer. Companies from all over the world have also been using the digital trend for their marketing and advertising. But with digital quickly becoming the go to platform of preference, printed media has undoubtedly not been utilised as it once was. So, when it comes to deciding whether print or digital is the right choice for you, here are some considerations to help with your decision.


SOCIAL INTERACTION AND SHARING – Readers are increasingly wanting to share their personal and professional lives on social media, making it easy for digital media that’s been posted online to quickly spark discussion and interest amongst other readers. Businesses’ can profit from this huge amount of online engagement by helping them create strong brand engagement.

PRICING – Social media ultimately is free. Digital marketing is also relatively affordable. Both factors are attracting a wider growing audience to digital than print. Its far cheaper than printed media and uses little to no resources.

EFFECT – It can be hard to identify the profitability of printed media, whereas with digital, there are various tools that can see what is working well and what needs improvement. You can automatically see how many people your posts have reached, conversion rates and number of followers.


PERSONAL INTERACTION – Printed media offers a more personal interaction with the consumer. Leaflets require the reader to physically hold them, allowing for a sensory connection. This helps the consumer retain knowledge better if physical interaction is involved. Posters in the street, shop windows and notice boards are more likely to make an impact on the reader than an advertisement on a website.

SOLID BRANDING – Printed media is permanent and that helps to solidify your brand values. Print is also excellent for establishing a brand image or logo that you want potential customers to remember. Printed media also offers a larger sense of legitimacy to customers as it isn’t amongst the numerous adverts you encounter online.

AUDIENCE – It all relies on what type of business you are and who your target audience is. Printed media can be read by near enough everyone, whereas digital media can alienate older generations who may not be so confident working online.

There can be an interdependence between digital and printed media and can produce great results when they come together. You should undoubtedly be taking advantage of both print and digital media for the success of your business. At Se7en Services we fully utilise both mediums for the business to continue to grow. It’s great to be able to give people a business card for that solid first impression, and from there it guides you through to our website and other online presences.

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