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Purchasing your dream house: Part 2

Continuing on from last month’s article, you are probably wondering what is next! Well the next stage is Completion… our favourite part!

So what should you consider at the completion stage?

You should consider suitable dates for completion. You will need to have more than one in mind as if there is a long chain it may be difficult for everyone to agree on a mutually acceptable date. A period of one week between exchange and completion is suggested to eliminate the risk of you breaching your contract by being unable to get everything that needs to be done organised in time.

Because monies have to be transferred between banks by all those in the chain it can often be afternoon before you can collect the keys to your new home. Wait for our call to confirm that all is OK before you set off, as you do not want to be sleeping in your removal van!

Boxes, boxes and more boxes

Use a removal company that is registered with the British Association of Removers, tel. 020 8861 3331 for a list. Most removal companies provide boxes for packing, but always ask for extras, you will inevitably need them.

If you are moving yourself, then you can get strong boxes from companies such as . Alternatively, your local supermarket will have a good supply of boxes; just remember to use some strong tape on the bottom of the boxes so you don’t have any mishaps.

Don’t shelve it

Don’t leave everything to the last minute. Shelves, wall lights and other fittings can take more time than expected to dismantle so remember to make a start sooner rather than later.

Use the opportunity of moving to have a good sort out. Some removal companies operate an OXBOXX scheme where you pack all your unwanted items and it will be delivered to Oxfam.

Keep cool

If you are moving only a short distance, you can consider leaving your frozen food in the freezer. Just remember to turn it up to maximum for a few days before move and don’t open it.

If you are moving a fridge or freezer yourself, try to keep it upright. Once installed in your new home, leave it to stand for 24 hours before plugging it in to allow time for the gases and coolant to settle back down.

All the knobs and whistles – a few more ideas

Before you move check that your new home has enough telephone lines. You may want to book the installation of a new line or additional extensions in advance.

Pack a box of essentials to include: kettle, tea bags, coffee, milk, toilet paper, screwdriver, and light bulbs. It is also a good idea to have a secure box with essential documentation in, plus keys to the new property!

Keep some blankets or old sheets available to put down to protect carpets if it is wet on moving day.

Don’t become a social outcast

Remember to let your friends and family know your new address. Arrange for post to be forwarded. Royal Mail will do this for a charge; you will need to pick up a form at your local post office.

Break out the bubbly

Finally, we suggest that you sit down in your new kitchen, open a bottle of whatever you like to drink and put your feet up, as it will soon be time to start unpacking all those boxes!!

Sidraa Razaq & Aneka Shoukat
Shire Solicitors
7 Eldon Place

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