Snowcold Creamery: ‘Dessert Heaven’

February is not the usual time of year when you indulge in ice-cream. The memories of the Christmas break feasts are now slowly filtering away to obscurity and New Year gym resolutions are either still going strong or now beginning to waver.

But there exceptions to the rule if the temptation is too much.

On a cold January night driving out of Batley, we came across a Snowcold Creamery. The exterior is simple to the eye but very attractive as we drove into the large car park. It seemed temptation was getting the better of us as the scent of vanilla and chocolate made its way from the building to our nostrils.

Upon entering the spacious waiting area, we had to wait for a few minutes as the seating area was heaving with families indulging in ice cream and the other desserts that were on offer.

We ordered a stack of four freshly made pancakes drizzled with warm chocolate as well as freshly made waffles with luxurious gelato ice-cream drowned with fresh cream and caramel syrup.

Our plates were cleared in no time and as we sat waiting for the coffee, we could not help but be mightily impressed by the recently opened dessert parlour. The interior was bright but simple in its décor. The seating was comfortable and spacious complimented by a warm and friendly ambience.

The staff were courteous and polite and had good knowledge on the ingredients of what was on offer in the menu.

Above all, the food was fantastic. The diverse menu and quality of the desserts is the best we have tasted for quite some time.

Snowcold Creamery opened in December 2017 and is already becoming the talk of the town. We recommend you plan a visit!

If you fancy treating yourself to ‘dessert heaven’ you can visit Snowcold Creamery at 297 Bradford Rd, Batley WF17 6HY, 01924 439439. They are open seven days a week from 12 noon to 12 midnight.


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