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image1Kanye West is probably one of the most unpredictable personalities in pop culture at the moment. When it came to his collaboration with Adidas, it’s safe to say it caused a many mix of emotions. Was it genius or a complete utter disaster? Let’s take a quick overview.

Front row taken by the likes of Anna Wintour, Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna and Justin Bieber who was even seen in between shots.

Quoting Kanye at New York Fashion Week, he said “I’m here to crack the pavement, I want to create something better for you.”

Well…That “better” didn’t exactly appeal to everyone. Fashion industry elites described the collection as a ‘joke’ and many others said it was a ‘lacklustre’

dezeen_Kanye-West_1You’ve got to give it to him though, West took 18 months to make his collection live. The models were seen in flesh toned body stockings of all shapes and sizes, this was a hit to some, not only that, but there was an air of positivity on ‘diversity’ on the catwalk.

Fans on Twitter dismissed the negativity and continued to support West describing the Yeezy Boost collection as genius and a work of art.

With an ongoing military theme throughout, the mix of models were the staple of Kayne’s latest sound. The fierceness and appeal in Kanye’s recent production suggests that there are world issues bothering him which he clearly presented in his entire collection.

Personally I do like Kanye’s collection, however I’m not so sure about his NYFW show…I was more taken by what clothes the models were wearing that to focus on the shoes themselves.

Either way I think Kanye West deserves a pat on the back. To get your collection on the runway in New York is even a big deal itself. Well done Kanye!

The Oscars are back for another year! The style stakes hit an all high as our anticipated celebs made it on to the red carpet, striking a pose stars stunned in designer label such Valentino to Tom Ford, Chanel and many more.

image7There were many hits and just as many misses when it came to fashion on the red carpet. It seems not everyone was looking their best. known for her rather bizarre fashion choices, Lady Gaga appeared in an unusual custom made ensemble by Azzedine Alaïa, This wasn’t very flattering to say the least. Another miss on the red carpet was Solange Knowles, the 28 year old was pictured in a very unappealing crimson colour by Christian Siriano .

image5However upping their game and making their mark was the ever so elegant Anna Wintour (Who never fails to impress!) Actress Keira Knightly stunned in a beautiful Valentino gown, whereas Rosamund Pike showed off her slim figure in a flower red Givenchy dress. One of my favourites of the night was what Cate Blanchette wore. The star oozed beauty and sophistication is a long black dress by John Galliano. From hair to makeup, the whole look was on point!

image3It wasn’t only the women…but the men also seemed to be looking competing the style stake this year. Going for a casual but slick look was Jared Leto. This you either love or hate…I personally love it! I think it is such a cool look & I must say, he does look very good in lilac! Oscar winning actor Eddie Redmayne looked dapper as ever in his suit. It was perfection and indeed very award winning!

To see the list of award winners, click here

Arooj Aftab
By Arooj Aftab

When it comes to new apps, I am probably one of the first people to download it. Set to be a big hit this year, Comb will have all your fashion dilemmas sorted is this sweet little app.

When you see an item of clothing you really like, or you love what a celebrity is wearing but you have no idea where it’s from, fear not because Comb has this sorted for you with just with a simple touch of a button. Search with a picture and find what you’re looking for. It takes no time at all!

Comb allows users to create their profiles and gain some style inspiration. The innovative app engages each user to add their own pictures and follow other users to see what the most popular searches are.

img_3115My favourite points about Comb is that it’s so easy to use. You simply upload or take a photo of an item of clothing. This can be any item from what you’re wearing to something you see online. The app then starts ‘combing’ from a range of retailers and results in finding an item similar to what you uploaded.

Comb’s search engine is close to being a catalogue. From over two million products, there is no doubt you will find something suitable for you. By a simple touch, you will be directed straight to a page where each item can be purchased.

Quoting the official press release: ‘Taking its cues from most popular social media platforms, Comb encourages its users to curate tailored feeds by following their friends, favourite style icons and fashion bloggers. In addition to using photographs taken in real life, users can search items found in their feeds. Matches can be sorted by style, brand and price, and can be purchased directly from retailers without ever leaving the app. Comb also has an in-app chat feature which allows users to share items with friends, recreating the social aspect of shopping and sharing opinions with others. With brands and retailers like Topman, Topshop, Uniqlo, AllSaints, The Outnet and LN-CC, Comb is accessible to all sorts of shoppers”

Comb is now available on iOS and android. It’s also free, so why not give it a go and tweet us your thoughts @UrbanEchonNews and follow @HelloComb on Twitter for more information on the app.

For further information, visit The Outnet website on


jasvinderBradford Bazaar has been granted permission to remain open until midnight for the two days leading up to Eid Al-Fitr and the two days before Eid Al-Adha.

Speaking exclusively to Urban Echo, Maharaja Fabrics Managing Director Jasvinder Singh states, “This is great news for our traders and customers who will benefit from extended shopping and Mehndi on Chand Raat.”

He continues, “We are grateful to Bradford council for assisting us to grow our business and are fortunate to have the support of the council members.”

adrianThe Bradford Bazaar is known in Bradford as the premiere bazaar and attracts customers from across the country. Offering an eclectic and unique shopping experience, the venue also caters hot, freshly prepared food for its customers as well as a warm and friendly ambience.

Adrian Patrick, who manages the Bradford Bazaar concludes, “We look forward to celebrating Eid with our customers, traders and their families for many years to come.”



By Arooj Aftab

If yArooj Aftabou haven’t already heard of Whistle & Bango, they are a lifestyle brand created by friends Ashley James, Ania Kubow and Rosie Parks.

The bangles are carved with letters of many different postcodes. You can also get specially personalized ones too; so if there’s an area you love or want a lasting memory of somewhere you’ve visited, this is the perfect item, whether it’s for yourself or a gift for someone else.

What I particularly love about these beautiful pieces is that each person has their own story behind their chosen postcode. It’s quite sentimental. ‘Wear your heart on your wrist’ as Whistle & Bango would say!

whistlebangoSelling in over 20 different colours at £69 each, this is a purchase you won’t regret. You simply cannot go wrong. As well as creating lasting memories, this is also a great fashion accessory which can be styled in any way you want.

When you make a purchase, you’re also doing a little helping hand as a small sum of your payment goes to a SHP ( – A charity which helps the homeless and vulnerable.

So, what’s not to love? Shop online now at and buy your personalised postcode bangle today.

fitbirtichesmainPopular Shapewear Product Fit Britches launches on Ideal World TV

Women all over the world have learned to love their curves with popular shape wear product FitBritches

Launched on Thursday 6th November, the widely popular brand Fit Britches showcased their ‘skinny’ range for the first time on Home shopping channel Ideal World TV.

As one of the hottest trends to hit the Fashion market in the last 5 years, Shape wear has become a not-so-secret cult buy. Award winning Fit Britches has been seen in a wide number of magazines, news programs, TV and press such as: the ‘Daily Mail’, ‘Bella’, ‘Sunday Post’ and ‘This Morning’ – in addition to being seen on celebrities including Khloe Kardashian and Jessie J. The brand has shipped to over 50 countries worldwide.

As a sensation among women and celebrities across the world Fit Britches anti-cellulite technology, has helped women across the world sculpt their curves and feel fabulous. Founder of Fit Britches; Farnaz Khan developed the range following a personal struggle to get in to shape and a lack of body confidence after having 4 children and gaining 4 dresses sizes. She is not alone with media reports highlighting a large number of women in the UK lack confidence in their bodies – Fit Britches have come to the rescue helping women to look and feel great.

As a range designed to help shape and smooth out any imperfections, the launch of Fit Britches is a fantastic addition to a great line up of fashion brands at Ideal World TV. We look forward to helping more customers to not only look good, but feel fabulous.