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by Qainaat @QayaUrbanEcho
by Qainaat

Ever need a caffeine rush by having an energy drink from a sleepless or restless night or maybe even something to wake you up in the morning on your travels to work or school? The number of individuals that consume energy drink for these activities don’t realise the implications and consequences it may cause to their health.

Energy drinks are used as performance enhancers affecting an individual mentally, emotionally and physically. This alone should be worrying.

The NHS study into the warnings issued over energy drinks saw that energy drinks such as Red Bull contain high levels of caffeine. The continuing consumption of the high caffeine content drinks could lead to problems such as heart disease, palpitations, high blood pressure, nausea, type 2 diabetes, obesity and problems in pregnancy.

drinksThese are examples of things that are forgotten about when drinking energy drinks. The affects go unnoticed but emphasis needs to be placed on the risks, especially as Fox News reported that in 2007, 46 per cent of energy drinkers were people under the age of 19. This number has now risen in recent years as a report from The World Health Organisation (WHO) found that 68% of adolescents now consume them. These rising numbers emphasises the expanding dangers and risk energy drinks are bringing to the health landscape across the world. It is also important to highlight that adolescents are now experimenting with energy drinks, mixing them with alcoholic beverages which doubles the risk. Market research firm Euromonitor calculated that the global energy drink market was worth US$3.8 billion in 1999 and this value grew to US$27.5 billion in 2013.

So how can we stop the overconsumption of these lethal drinks? Is it necessary to rely on artificial energy?

According to the Caffeine Informer – “Moderation is Key”. As simple as it sounds everyone should realise the impacts of drinking too much energy drinks, especially as the ingredients in the drinks are recognised as drugs. Individuals need to be aware of the implications, hence this article! A majority of us are dependent on the artificial energy that these drinks supply, however not everyone sees the dangers it brings. So why not substitute your energy drink for something practical and beneficial to your health.

Strangely research found that the majority of energy drinkers disliked the taste of drinks such as Red Bull and Monster, and became commissioned to like the taste as a means to ‘wake’ an individual up. Would you agree? Get in touch at or tweet us @urbanechonews.

by Urban Echo reporter

In the last twenty years ready meals have become a big business; in fact we spent over £2 billion on them last year alone.

As our lives get busier, ready meals have become more and more popular with cooking from scratch becoming a rarity. Family life is changing as more women are working and everyone is putting in longer hours at the office. Anything that can save time is popular and promoted as a good thing. This is where ready meals became convenient. We live in an era of ‘healthy living’, however most of us live in a fast paced life that we rely on ready meals and processed food. People in Britain love ready meals as statistics show that 3 billion were eaten in 2012. But what’s really in these ‘luxurious’ ready meals?

Ready-meals-ruled-by-sensory-indulgence-trendReady meals are typically packed with preservatives, sugar, and sodium which studies have shown can cause a huge amount of health problems if eaten in high quantities long-term. Some ready meals contain over twice the daily recommended salt intake for an adult and that doesn’t include any you add to your food after cooking. Salt can cause fluid retention around the heart which causes high blood pressure, heart failure, strokes and even heart attacks.

Even the ‘healthy’ ready meals that include salads have citric and other fruit acids painted on to the leaves to keep them looking fresh. The greenery can be as much as 10 days old and have been submerged up to eight hours in tap water heavy with chlorine, to prevent bacteria. The meat, fish and vegetables included in the ready meals can be frozen for months, or even years in some cases. The key to ready meals is processed food which is bought frozen, dried or treated.

Our consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables has decreased, but the increase in ready meals and processed products shows there is a lot less cooking going on at home, which could be down to people not having time – or a generation not being able to cook properly.

A study by the University of Glasgow branded ready meals as “nutritionally chaotic”. Regardless, the market keeps on growing and will continue to do so as our lives become busier and convenience becomes an important factor.


By Seb Radcliffe

Healthy Addict – “Mum! Dad’s going running again!” Damn, I’d been caught. My attempt to sneak out unnoticed for my daily fix had been thwarted. “No, no I’m not going for a run I’m just going to see a friend” I lied, clad conspicuously in my running gear. How had it come to this… a father of three stood in the doorway sheepishly having to lie to his nearest and dearest about his guilty pleasure.

untitledYes I’m a 40-something year old runner. Since I started running I have got fitter, leaner and mentally stronger . Leaner to the extent that people comment on my well-being. I have my responses ready “Yes I’ve lost weight”, “No I’m not ill.”, “Actually I’m the fittest I’ve ever been.” , “Shall I knock out 50 press ups right now to prove it?”. Where did my hobby (or according to others infatuation) with running start? I used to look at the mad joggers pounding the streets and think why would you want to subject yourself to such pain, anguish and ritual heckling and humiliation – especially if your running style is of the flailing fish out of water variety! It started about three years ago. I’ve always played a bit of football since my teens so considered myself fit – actually I considered myself a bloody fine athlete. I used to plod around the my local park thinking I’m the man . One Saturday morning my plodding was rudely interrupted by said mad joggers…hundreds of them…they descended on me in all shapes, sizes and varieties. My delusional self told me I was better than them – yes better than all of them, even the gazelle who had whizzed past me. So the following Saturday I rolled up at my local parkrun to claim my place on the podium (although parkrun insist their events are not races but runs – pfff same difference!). Now I’m no misogynist or ageist but if I didn’t come first I was determined not to be beaten by either a woman or anyone older than me.

I started off fast…too fast…by the second lap of the three lap course I was floundering…as female septuagenarians overtook me (I would have chuckled at the irony if I cud have mustered the energy). In fact it seemed like nearly everyone overtook me and as they passed they threw words of encouragement in my direction – at the time I thought it was out of pity but this is the one example of solidarity between fellow runners.

I finished in a time of 28 minutes. Humbled, knackered but surprisingly elated to have completed my first 5k. I was hooked, returning again and again every Saturday for my fix. This running lark is now a full blown addiction. Hence I’ve been known to go running on my own, during the week, running for fun, I’ve even been known to take an afternoon off work to go for a run. My family think I’m mad. My wife is not happy I’m wasting away (but then again she is a feeder!)- but I like the new agile me that running has transformed me into.  Fancy getting addicted? Try out your local parkrun – Then you might be foolish enough to enter your first 10K, half marathon or marathon . Well a full blown marathon sounded like a good idea at the time- but more about that next time.  Happy running.

New figures have revealed that Manchester resident’s are some of the most active in the country and that year on year more people are regularly taking part in sport across the city.

The findings come from Sport England’s national Active People Survey, the largest sports and recreation survey of its kind ever carried out in Europe.

010-largeThe Active People Survey has shown that 43.4 per cent of Manchester residents take part in at least 30 minutes of sport or active recreation per week – well above the national average of 36.8 per cent and a significant increase on last year’s figure.

The number of people undertaking at least 30 minuets of activity in the city is higher that anywhere else in Greater Manchester and higher than in any of the other core cites (the country’s largest cities outside of London).

The increase in regular sports participation continues an upward trend that has been seen since the 2010 survey – which found 33.7 percent of people took part in 30 minutes or more of sport per week.

The number of people undertaking 30 minuets of sport or active recreation three times a week or more has also dramatically improved – from 24 per cent in 2012 up to 28.9 per cent in 2014.

Cllr Rosa Battle
Cllr Rosa Battle

Councillor Rosa Battle, Manchester City Council executive member for culture and leisure, said: “The results of the Active People Survey are great news and go to show just how much we love all sport in Manchester.

“The benefits of regular exercise are huge and can make a real difference to quality of life by improving health, nurturing a sense of community and simply by being fun.

“With an inspirational sporting programme planned for 2015, not to mention Manchester’s world-class sport venues and community facilities, I am certain we can build on our success and see even more people begin to take part in regular activity this year.”

The Active People Survey looked at sport participation from October 2013 to October 2014.

For more information on the Active People Survey please visit:

A new dynamic exercise session is being launched at Bradford Council’s swimming pools across the District.

Aqua Combat is an innovative sport session that combines a mix of martial arts and kick-boxing  in water with uplifting music.

untitled (4)The sessions are taking place at Shipley and Eccleshill pools on Thursdays and Richard Dunn on Fridays.

Phil Barker, Bradford Council’s Assistant Director for Sport and Leisure, said: “This is a great workout that targets all the muscle groups, but without impact on the joints. It’s an excellent way to get fit whatever your age.”

This new class offers a cardio-vascular workout that improves core strength and stability. Whatever your age or physical condition you will be welcomed and coached

Shipley Pool
Shipley Pool

through the exercise themes by a qualified instructor who can also advise on how to improve your lifestyle through exercise.

Bradford Council Clubcard holders can take advantage as the sessions are included in the price. Alternatively there is an option to drop in to one of our sessions at any of the three venues. Times and days are given for each of the venues below. Places must be booked in advance.

Eccleshill Pool    –   Thursday 16:00-16:30

Shipley Pool      –    Thursday 18:45-19-15

Richard Dunn’s  –     Friday     16:30-17:15
The contact numbers for these pools are Eccleshill (01274 612329), Shipley (01274 437162) and Richard Dunn’s (01274 307822).

By Irfan Ajeeb
By Irfan Ajeeb

As a gym member for the last two decades, I feel going to the gym acts as a therapeutic experience and at the same time, a way of staying active and getting fit in the process.

NH_05537 Runner 2Being a member of the Nuffield Fitness & Wellbeing Centre in Cottingley (formerly Canons) for the past twelve years, I have made many friends, whether they are fellow members or staff members. The gym caters for everyone and adjusts to the demands of whatever the member requires to achieve with their objectives regardless of age and your level of fitness.

I was kindly invited to workout at the Nuffield Health Shipley branch on Otley Road by the manager, Amanda Walsh. A large car park welcomed me in with ample and secure New Image18parking. As I entered the custom made building, the first impression was impressive. A large reception welcomed me with an equally welcoming smile by the receptionist who directed me to the changing rooms.

As I walked up the stairs whilst overlooking the pool area to my right, natural light embraced the foyer and the large dining area.

The gym area itself is split in three sections. There is a weights area in which all the latest equipment is offered. From light dumbbells to 40kg for the aspiring body-lifter, the variety of loose weights and machine weights is ample to cater for any individual’s needs.

The cardiovascular area offers all the latest treadmills, spinning and rowing machines to burn away those calories and for the box-fit fanatics, a punch bag is available to pound away all your daily frustrations.

photo[2]The excellently equipped gym facilities also have access to a range of fitness specialists such as personal trainers, wellbeing advisors, physiotherapists, physiologists and even their free monthly educational ‘Meet our experts’ health events.

The gym members also benefit from an extensive class timetable, with exercise classes that cater for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

The pool area is equally impressive. Large in size, it’s the perfect way to unwind after a workout by either relaxing in the sauna or the steam room. To my surprise, there are two Jacuzzi’s on offer – a warm water tub as well as a cool water tub. The choices are vast!

When you join the Shipley Fitness & Wellbeing Centre, you’ll experience aunique 3-step gym plan which is expertly designed to help you improve and then maintain your fitness.

Your journey will begin with a 12-point Health MOT from which you’ll obtain your ‘health score’. After undertaking a personalised gym exercise programme for 3 months, you’ll then carry out a second Health MOT – and if you improve your scores you receive a free months membership.. This is an offer you cannot afford to pass. So, if you’re thinking of joining a gym today, go and visit the Shipley Fitness & Wellbeing Centre.

For further information, please call 01274 532227 or visit