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By Urban Echo reporter

The homeless have faced difficulties as winter weather temperatures plummeting in Bradford this winter. Experiencing the extremity of the harsh weather from the gale force winds to the heavy snow, individuals must not forget that help in always available for the homeless.Whilst many of us are sitting in the comfort of our warm homes with nice food, for moment just think about those who are without food, without shelter and without a home.

The Bradford Soup Run a charity organisation which offers good food and blankets to the homeless. It was voted the ‘Best Community Group’ at the Millennium Awards in 1999 and was a finalist in the 2006 BBC sponsored Best of British Food & Farming Awards.

John Tempest, the director and founder of the organisation, which started 30 years ago, meets 100 homeless individuals every Friday with his team for the soup run.

John Tempest
John Tempest

Speaking to Urban Echo, Mr Tempest states: “We pride ourselves with good quality food, because it’s what we pay for. “People come, they’re hungry and we feed them. “Sometimes it’s like a military operation.”

Meeting the likes of Jamie Oliver, Ainsley Harriot, Marcus Wareing and Gordon Ramsey, Mr Tempest says all the chefs “Agreed that just because you are poor doesn’t mean you have to eat poor quality.”

According to the organisers, the soup run sees more men than women, because the Bradford Metropolitan Council treats women to be more at risk. Women are stronger and are able to ask others for help but men let their pride get in the way, therefore men seem to be the ones who are left homeless.

In the last few years Mr Tempest says that the soup run has welcomed an increase of Eastern European homeless men. He said most of them come to find work and they are not successful, but “They eat and enjoy, and at the end they say thank you.”

Mr Tempest said that through his work at The Bradford Soup Run, his children have seen the other side to life and if they were to pass a homeless person, they would buy them some food. He said we have come across so many different stories, they have a lot of baggage but we have to build an emotional wall; otherwise we’d be in pieces every night.

If a homeless person would like help to find a home or a job The Bradford Soup Run will point them in the right direction. It costs approximately £770 a week to keep feeding the homeless in Bradford which you can help by making a donation.

For more information visit The Bradford Soup Run website –

Former two time world light welterweight boxing champion, Amir Khan, took time out today to bring his team from the Amir Khan Foundation to learn about the needs and challenges of clients from St George’s Crypt, the well-known charity in Leeds producing solutions for homeless and disadvantaged people from the city and beyond in West Yorkshire.

images9A4YHMK6The Amir Khan Foundation – launched in August last year – has been set up to support deprived and disadvantaged children and young people both internationally and nationally. Amir and his team asked Leeds City Council to put them in touch with a charity which is working extensively with young people who have found themselves in complex and challenging situations through adverse life chances, and the Council approached the Crypt who were delighted to welcome the Foundation today.

Amir Khan with Riz Malik

Martin Patterson – a Director of the Crypt – said, “We are delighted that Amir Khan and the team from the Foundation have been able to visit the Crypt today. We concentrate on providing effective training and engagement opportunities in order to help our clients to move in life from an increasingly complex range of challenges brought on by issues as homelessness, addiction, mental and physical health problems, poor education and family breakdown. Amir’s visit is a real inspiration for our clients and they were delighted to meet him today”.

Councillor Bill Urry, Lead member for homelessness at Leeds City Council, said “Working in partnership to support people through their toughest times is key to helping end the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Providing a hot meal or a listening ear is just the start. Organisations like St George’s Crypt and the Amir Khan Foundation work with people over time to rebuild stable lives. Leeds City Council works with its outreach partners so that homeless people do not have to spend a second night on the street, and so that they get the support they need”.

image1Riz Malik, on behalf of the Amir Khan Foundation, said “ We in the Foundation are looking for opportunities to make a real difference to people who have suffered disadvantage and poverty in their lives. St George’s Crypt – through its work with homeless people since 1930 – is an excellent example of a charity producing innovative solutions for its clients, and we hope to be able to establish a long term relationship with the Crypt in helping them to continue producing effective solutions”.

During their visit, Amir and his team served curry and rice to over 80 visitors to the Crypt and also met and chatted to the clients to learn more about the charity’s work and how it impacts on those who access the Crypt’s services.

Speaking exclusively to Urban Echo, when asked about his boxing plans and who he wants to fight next, Khan states, “For me, there is only one fight out there and that is with Floyd Mayweather. I think he is running scared because I feel that I have too much speed for him.”

If the Mayweather fight fails to materialise, who does he fight instead? “I’ve spoken to Manny [Pacquiao] and put the fight in front of him if Mayweather refuses to fight both of us. The fans would love to see me and Manny fight and hopefully we can deliver a great fight for the fans to enjoy,” he concludes.