Monday, August 21, 2017
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Paul is your average chap from Bradford. He has worked all his life, paid his taxes and minds his own business. He is just your average bloke getting on with his life. As much as Paul is good-natured and overall a happy chappy, there are certain days when some people push the wrong button and he becomes a different person altogether. Here, you can read Paul’s monthly frustrations where he explodes and rants about everything and anything, resulting in him going slightly off the wall.

“About 3 to 4 years ago whilst driving to work I began to notice something quite odd, no actually, very annoying! At first I thought it was just me over reacting in a Victor Meldrew type of way and dismissed it as just being witness to one of those events involving a rude and ignorant individual that temporarily angers you, but you’re soon over it. However over the coming weeks I discovered it was not a one off, every other driver appeared to be acting in the same manner. It happened when I offered to let someone enter the flow of traffic whilst pulling out at a junction – a simple act of kindness and respect towards fellow motorists.

Have you guessed what I’m banging on about yet? If you drive most days like myself, I bet you do! A ‘tenner’ of my hard earned cash says you have most likely been on the receiving end in the last week alone.

Here we go then, here’s my wrath!

Not a sign of a thank you. Absolutely nothing! Not even an arm raised in front of the rear view mirror to say thanks for that mate. If you’re lucky you may have received a brief ‘hazard light’ flicker to sort of say ‘ta fella’, as if raising your left arm for 2.5 seconds is infinitely harder than reaching for your dashboard to turn on your hazard lights and then turn them off again. Or is it not just physical effort but simply an act of saying you know what, I’m not bothered about anyone else but me. I’m only interested in me and my day and where I’m going. A bit like sending a text to your best mate because you couldn’t be ar*** to speak to him or her. If at this point you are starting to curl your toes in your shoes because you know you are guilty of this yourself, then good, because you should be totally ashamed!

I want to point out that this is not a local issue as it happens all over the country. So a campaign needs to be launched and I think we should get it started right here in Bradford. The next time someone lets you out at a junction, let’s give them a right proper ‘cheers pal!’ Hold your hand up proud and strong and perhaps even a little upward movement of your thumb wouldn’t go amiss.

This is important because we’re Yorkshire for God’s sake. WE are supposed to be the salt of the earth, kind and warm-hearted folk. Not some cold shouldered individual from the Home Counties who would sell his own grandmother to help him upgrade to a new 3 series.

So come on now, make a difference. Let’s all be more Yorkshire!”

Yours sincerely, Paul