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Bradford – Hope Not Hate (HnH), the trade union backed campaign group that often gets facts wrong, have announced that they will again be targeting UKIP in Bradford in forthcoming general and local elections on 7th May.

As a ‘registered non-party campaigner’ HnH are entitled to print and distribute their literature but should ensure they contain facts and not attempt to mislead the public.

However UKIP is concerned that Labour councillors, candidates and their associates, being the main distributors and organisers of HnH leaflets in Bradford are using this trade union backed money to effectively bypass legally enforced spending limits and allowing them to outspend other political campaigns.

Jason Smith, UKIP
Jason Smith, UKIP

At last year’s elections in some areas the Labour candidate teams worked in tandem to deliver Labour and HnH leaflets.  In 2014 UKIP Bradford uncovered a plot where Labour councillors were working alongside the left wing campaign group (see 3) these included Labour Deputy Leader Imran Hussain, Cllrs Sinead Engel and Cllr Richard Dunbar amongst others.

UKIP candidate for Bradford South Jason Smith says: “People want fair elections, they want to know that what is being sent to them is legitimate and fair, and we cannot have a situation where one party’s candidates can effectively ignore the legal spending limits by dressing up one of their leaflets as being in some way independent of them.

We will be writing to the Returning Officer, West Yorkshire Police Economic Crime Unit (who investigate electoral offences), and to the Electoral Commission to alert them of our concerns of disguised spending in Bradford.”

UKIP candidate for Bradford East Owais Rajput says: “I ask all people of Bradford to question the outlandish claims of Hope Not Hate, UKIP denounces racism and we denounce Hope Not Hate language of hatred.  UKIP is colour blind and is more ethnically diverse than Labour.”


UKIP’s Bradford Chairman Jason Smith called for the resignation of Cllr Ralph Berry yesterday after claiming a ‘failing education policy and the continuing decline of Bradford’s education.’

UKIP further stated, “We call upon Cllr Ralph Berry to resign his portfolio and hand over to someone who is prepared to intervene more often, be more challenging of schools, and less accepting of excuses for underperformance.”

Cllr Ralph Berry

Upon contacting Mr Berry, he has rebuffed the criticism from UKIP and referred to a recent report commissioned by the local authority by education expert Professor David Woods. The report was fully discussed at the Councils scrutiny committee meeting and at a meeting attended by 80% of Bradford Head teachers, after visits to London schools, and evaluation of London challenge and Manchester Challenge.

Speaking to Urban Echo, Mr Berry states, “No mention has been made of the huge cuts to local authority funding and the limited intervention powers we have , but another right wing party promoting forced Academisation will only further alienate Schools and teachers and a time when many of those once vaunted academies are themselves also ‘in need of improvement’.

“Bradford is pressing for a ‘Yorkshire challenge’ to secure transformation that was delivered for London children, building on the good and outstanding locals schools who we now expect to support other local schools just as we have seen at Kings.”

Miriam Lord
Miriam Lord

A Yorkshire wide summit is taking place in Leeds in March to discuss this. Other outstanding and improved schools such as Miriam Lord are now working with other local schools to share good practice.

Asked whether he was going to stand down, Mr Berry said: “Of course I’m not going to stand down. The Woods report came about because of concerns I had raised and I am determined to make sure its recommendations are all implemented.

“UKIP have made no mention of their plan to force new grammar schools on the city, which would be a disaster, and their report is riddled with inaccuracies. Another right wing plan to impose Academisation on schools is not new ideas and certainly not proven.

“UKIP also oppose a key element of our Safeguarding Children by seeking to ban PSHE is schools, just as we roll out a widely praised safeguarding programme to all Bradford Schools .

“To turn things around, requires a range of partners with a common objective. UKIP fail to recognise that schools have a level of autonomy and 60 of the schools in the district are accountable directly top Whitehall as academies or Free Schools.

“Singling the success of schools down to one person is ridiculous. I have never said schools are where we want them to be, as a parent with children in the local system I am committed to that. Change and challenge, to work it needs everyone to play their part, including free school and academies.”




Speaking at UKIP’s Bradford election launch, Chairman Jason Smith called for Bradford’s education chief to resign due to his failing education policy and the continuing decline of Bradford’s education. 

UKIP Bradford today released its own Bradford Education Review.  The UKIP report highlighted the below failures of Bradford’s education policy:

  • Failed to establish a clear Pupil Premium strategy, failing the poorest and most vulnerable children in Bradford.
  • More schools in the worst category needing support this year than last year.
  • Failed to organise an effective committee to drive forward recommendation
  • Failed to clearly identify local leaders of education in Bradford Schools.
  • Failed to clearly identify evidence based research based on ‘what works’
  • Lacked the drive to intervene in failing schools quickly enough
  • Blamed the government for changes of league tables, when other local authorities in similar circumstances have improved

On the Education Improvement Strategic Board UKIP’s report states ‘There are so many voices on the panel that effective strategies aren’t being brought in for discussion’ and

Cllr Ralph Berry
Cllr Ralph Berry

‘The body is too big, too slow and ineffective at meeting its statutory challenges’, it suggests also that ‘there is no strategy for the spending of the Pupil Premium’.

UKIP Bradford disagrees with Professor Woods Education Report however (Page 5) in that the panel should be independently chaired. They say the portfolio holder should be the chair and be accountable through the scrutiny committee for the performance of the Education Improvement Strategic Board.  UKIP states ‘it is not acceptable for Bradford to retain the local authority function, but be able to palm off such a key responsible post to someone who the parents of children in Bradford cannot remove through the ballot box’.

UKIP reports goes on to suggest: ‘The local authority should not just review itself with the schools within the authority, but also schools in similar challenging circumstances’.

Jason Smith, UKIP
Jason Smith, UKIP

Bradford Chairman Jason Smith says “Education chief Ralph Berry has overseen one disaster after another in Bradford education, from the damning Education Report that he refused to release to the people of Bradford, to the revelations that Bradford’s schools and GCSE results are near the bottom of national leagues tables.

The final straw was the information we have received that confirms that progress made at secondary school for disadvantaged pupils has dropped dramatically.

We therefore call upon Cllr Ralph Berry to resign his portfolio and hand over to someone who is prepared to intervene more often, be more challenging of schools, and less accepting of excuses for underperformance.”

The UKIP MEP who jumped from Nigel Farage’s party to join the Conservative’s is revealed as a liar about his political past.

stream_imgAmjad Bashir denies that he has ever had anything to do with the Respect party but an application form he filled in and is still held by the party proves that isn’t the case. The new Conservative MEP gives his date of birth on the form as September 17, 1952. But he also claims on the form that in the 1970s and 1980s he was a Labour party member and helped the then Bradford West MP Marsha Singh (now deceased). He also claims to have been heavily involved, and led a membership drive in Bradford, for Imran Khan’s Pakistan party the PTI (Party of Justice).

For Labour Bashir claims: “I attended ward and regional meetings, I carried out door to door canvassing on election days…I also carried out telephone campaigns.”

GallowaynewRespect’s Bradford West MP George Galloway hit out: “Not only has this man not got a shred of principle, his acquaintance with the truth is distant to say the least. He joined Respect, now he’s lying about it. I don’t know if what he is saying about Labour and the PTI is correct but his denial that he joined Respect, was selected as a candidate and then de-selected, is a shameful and damning untruth. If the Tories are prepared to embrace this man then I think it says even more about them than it does him.”

Galloway would not reveal why the party had decided to drop Bashir. “But probably for the first time ever I have to agree with Nigel Farage that there are grave concerns about things in this guy’s past.”

He added that not only was the application form in the party’s hands but at least five witnesses, who were part of his interview panel, were prepared to confirm that he had joined the party and then been sacked as a council candidate for Bradford Moor.

The UKIP European parliament member who has joined the Conservatives was a Respect council candidate in Bradford before he was de-selected over reputational issues.

stream_imgAmjad ‘Peter’ Bashir was selected as the Respect candidate in Bradford Moor for the May 2012 council elections. However,  after local residents raised serious concerns about his fitness to stand, he was de-selected by the party and then left Respect. Following this he joined UKIP, became and MEP, was then suspended, before yesterday casting his lot with the Conservatives.

UKIP_logo“Clearly Bashir does not have any real political principles or commitment.” said Respect MP George Galloway, “only naked opportunism and self-interest. He represents the revolving door principle in politics. The Tories are welcome to him because he will cause them embarrassment. Fortunately Respect was able to act before he did it to us.”

Galloway was unwilling to specify what the issues over Bashir’s sacking were. “But they were sufficiently grave to make us realise that he was not a fit and proper person to represent Respect. Clearly both UKIP and the Tories have lower standards,” the MP said.


NazirBy Mohammad Nazir Tabassum

As time keeps changing, so do the popularity of politicians and political parties. Change is an undeniable fact. That is why it is said that nothing is immutable in this world. Everything is subject to change. The important aspect of it is that one must re-orientate one’s future action plans according to the changed circumstances.

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) that stands for keeping UK away from the European Union, immigration related issues and non-intervention in Syria, gained its first elected MP with Douglas Carswell in the by-election of Clacton on October 9, 2014. The significance of this election is that Mr Carswell was a member of the Conservative Party elected twice to the House of Commons, first in 2005 and then in 2010. He intended to force a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon that created EU and EC over the need to resolve an oversight of apportionment in the European Parliament by re-ratifying the Treaty. But, disillusioned thoroughly, he defected from the Conservative Party on 28 August 2014. He resigned his seat and stood again in the by-election and returned successfully as the first UKIP MP. Today there are a host of other backbencher Tories who are UKIP sympathisers and are pushing PM David Cameron to accept UKIP’s stances on issues relating to Europe, immigration and non-intervention in Syria.

Nigel Farage, the leader of UKip, commenting on Mr Carswell’s election said: “He had shaken up British politics.”

127256860_Farage_410438bPaul Sykes, a Yorkshire businessman, with a fortune of £650 million, the 26th wealthiest person in Britain, has been handed over the job of overseeing the election campaign of next May. He is also a former Conservative who split up with the party in 1991 following a disagreement over EU membership. He remained an admirer of Baroness Margaret Thatcher calling her “the best socialist I have ever seen.” Anybody can guess his concept of socialism with such a remark about the lady who took away almost everything that the British working class got after years of struggle for the rights.

Mr Sykes contributed more than £1 million to UKIP for campaigns during last spring which helped the party win 12 seats in the European Parliament. One can well imagine these Euro sceptics and their scepticism.

UKIP is causing a political embarrassment, not only to the Conservatives, but to Labour as well. Last week the Daily Telegraph published a 35-page document, leaked to the paper, setting out Labour’s approach to UKIP. This document depicted internal strategy in which party campaigners were urged to combat the electoral threat from UKIP by talking about the pressures immigration placed on services such as health and housing. Ed Miliband, the Labour Leader confirmed he had not seen the document before it was sent to MP’s and claimed he did not know where it had come from.

Contrary to all this, UKIP is facing its own peculiar odds at a time when the 2015 polls are less than five months away. UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage’s personal ratings have crashed to a record low in the first leader poll since UKIP was rocked by a sex scandal and dirty tricks row. Pollsters Ipsos MORI found that the net satisfaction with Farage’s performance as leader has dived 14 points since November to minus 20. It is the first sign that the voters are distancing themselves from the UKIP’s leadership because of the infighting and vicious wars in its top leadership. The public that scored Farage higher than the mainstream parties earlier are currently dissatisfied with him as much as they are with David Cameron, the Prime Minister.