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Bradford – The recovery has not reached Bradford West.

“Recovery, what recovery?” that was the reaction of Bradford West MP George Galloway when the February unemployment figures were published today.

George Galloway
George Galloway

He continued: “The unemployment rate is a staggering 8%, almost double the national average, the sixth highest in the United Kingdom and last month it even went up. Thirty-four people have now left the register since then, but that doesn’t mean they are in jobs, because we know that hundreds of thousands are being removed from benefits under this ConDem government. And still the panjandrums in City Hall keep their silence about the desperate state of affairs and keep the vaults closed on the tens of millions they hold in reserves.”

He added: “We keep hearing that the economic recovery is better in Britain than in any other European economy. Well it may be in London and the Home Counties but it certainly isn’t here. So in terms of recovery we’re closer to Paris and Rome than our own capital.”

Galloway also pointed out that if the Conservatives win the election their plans will take public spending back to 1930s levels. “We’re already seeing food banks proliferating, can you imagine what the country will be like by 2020 if these barbarians are returned? We need investment in jobs and infrastructure. One Westfield is by no means enough. But it won’t come under the Tories or this miserable local Labour administration.”

Manchester – Local people looking to get their hands on a new job are invited to a free major public recruitment event at the Etihad Stadium.  Job City has been organised in partnership by Manchester City Council and Jobcentre Plus and will be held on Wednesday 18 March  2015, 10am-3.30pm. Businesses representing sectors ranging from construction to customer service to creative and digital will be in attendance and looking to recruit. As well as companies with jobs to fill there will be sector-specific workshops, sessions on writing a CV, basic retail skills, and tips on making job applications. There will also be information and guidance on courses available to unlock new job opportunities and guidance on how to manage the transition into work, including advice on managing money and information on apprenticeships and volunteering. imagesW3MD87Q1Councillor Sue Murphy, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council, said: “Job City is a way to put employers and job seekers in direct contact. It’s a great opportunity for job seekers to easily explore what’s out there and gain priceless advice about applying for new jobs. “Best of all it’s free to attend, so whether you’re looking for a new role or are a first time job-seeker this is a great opportunity so see what’s available.” Hazel Holmes, Jobcentre Plus Partnership Manager for Manchester, said ‘This is always a great event. It’s a brilliant opportunity for local job seekers to meet employers offering jobs across many different sectors, as well as getting essential advice on applying for jobs in today’s fast moving labour market.  There’s something for everyone here.’ There is no need to book in advance and attendees are free to drop in throughout day. Previous Job City events in Manchester have attracted as many as 40 exhibitors – including support organisations who help jobseekers with the application process. For more information about Job City 2015 please visit:


Unemployment in Bradford East has fallen again in December 2014 to 3,433 which represents a 40% cut since the high in February 2013 and is at its lowest level for over six years since December 2008.

Ward_2463557bBradford East MP, David Ward, has welcomed the release of December’s official unemployment statistics for his constituency, which shows that those claiming job seekers allowance has fallen by 43 people since November 2014 and tumbled 1,481 people in a year to 3,433. December’s figures represent a rate of 7.0% of the economically active population aged 16 to 64.

The release of November’s unemployment figures show that unemployment in Bradford East has plummeted by almost 40% since February 2013, where 5,662 people claimed job seekers allowance, which is also the lowest level seen in the area since December 2008 where the claimant count reached 3,245.

The encouraging figures across Bradford were matched around the country with unemployment at its lowest level for six years falling below 6%. 

4988_Job-centre-plusWages also continue to rise to outstrip inflation meaning that people will have more money for the weekly shopping. Average earnings grew by 1.7% with the rate of inflation down to 0.5% owing to the dramatic fall in oil prices.

Commenting, David Ward MP said:

“December’s figures speak for themselves; unemployment at its lowest level since 2008 and 20% lower than Labour left it in 2010. Youth unemployment in Bradford East is even more encouraging and is 30% lower now than in 2010.

“Wages are now growing faster than inflation so the weekly shop for Bradfordians will now go that little bit further which really helps.

“The economy’s recovery would not be happening without the Lib Dems in Government delivering solid growth and fairness for local people.”



Today’s unemployment figures cannot be taken at face value, according to Bradford West MP George Galloway.

While the national and local figures show a fall they remain unacceptably high in West Yorkshire and Bradford in particular. Bradford West had an unemployment rate of 8.1% in December, the sixth highest of the 650 constituencies in Britain, and almost double the national average.

George_Galloway_2007-02-24But these figures aren’t the true measure of unemployment. More than 2 million people have had their benefits taken away and according to a report submitted to a House of Commons select committee hundreds of thousands of those cut from jobseeker’s allowance have been unable to find work. The report was written by academics at the University of Oxford and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Bradford West MP George Galloway commented:
“You would think from all the noise from the ConDem coalition that the economy was solved. That simply isn’t the case. We don’t know whether the 4988_Job-centre-plusdrop in the unemployment numbers is because people have found work or because they have been chopped off jobseeker’s allowance through benefit sanctions. Evidence presented to a House of Commons select committee shows that hundreds of thousands who have had their benefits taken away have been unable to find work. And there are 2million people who have had their benefits removed like this. So I simply don’t trust the government’s figures.

“But apart from that Bradford West still has the sixth highest unemployment rate of 650 British constituencies. It’s 8.1%, getting on for twice the national average. I keep arguing for special measures for Bradford but this government, if it is listening, simply doesn’t care.”

From the House of Commons library: Key facts

The number of Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants in Bradford West constituency in December 2014 was 3,752. This represents a rate of 8.1% of the economically active population aged 16 to 64, the 6th highest of the 650 UK constituencies. (1st = highest rate of unemployment, 650th = lowest rate of unemployment.)

The number of claimants is 1271 lower than in December 2013 and 77 lower than in November 2014.   These data are not seasonally adjusted.