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By Qainaat Aftab

It’s February and it’s the infamous month of Valentine’s Day.

Every year we see the capitalist notion where hundreds of red hearted balloons and red roses fill up the shop shelves. Valentine’s Day is nothing but a capitalist con and another way to make singletons feel left out.

couple-rezsizedI find it odd how some of my friends get so caught up on the idea of being alone on Valentine’s Day. In reality, it’s just another day. But listening to their conversation, I couldn’t help but find their plans hilarious and outlandish. Therefore I have decided to share them with you.

My friends came up with a plan called ‘What every girl should do on Valentine’s Day’. Be prepared as no doubt, you will find some of their ideas bizarre and funny.

Firstly, forget about secret Santa, how about a secret Valentine? It might be a little clichéd but you can get a little gift and no one will be complaining.

valentines-day-wallpaperSecondly, every group of single girl’s need a movie night in. As my friends suggested, do it Bridget Jones style.

Thirdly, go out and wine and dine in style with your friends. If you are on a tight budget, call all your friends over and have a one dish party. It’s a great way of catching up too.

The fourth idea came from the hit comedy series Friends. As ridiculous as it sounded to my ears, it might be a great thing to do for a laugh. So, why not have a cleansing ritual? Burn and leave all the negativity behind you to allow new and positive things to come into your life.

Last but not least, forget a romantic weekend break for two. Why not adventure and explore away with your friends and have a girl’s trip away for the weekend. I can guarantee you some of your best memories will come from that

Some of you may find it humorous and some may pick up some great ideas. Whichever one it is we’d love to hear from you.


The Bradford Valentine’s market is giving people the opportunity to impress their loved ones with a variety of gifts.

The Valentine’s market organised by Bradford Council, is being held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12, 13 and 14 February in Darley Street and Bank Street from 9am till 5pm.

Darley Street
Darley Street

This is an opportunity for people to buy a last minute gift for a loved one or get ingredients to help put together a Valentine’s meal.

Products available at the market will include chocolate, meats, clothing, jewellery, crafts, cards, ornaments, perfumes and home-wares.

Little Shop of Soaps with handmade soaps and bath products and the Skulep Boutique from the city’s Kirkgate Market will be there.

Some traders from the Oastler Shopping Centre will also be at the market. A&M Blooms will have Valentine’s flowers, Black Gold with natural remedies and Card Kabin will have Valentine’s cards and gift wrapping accessories.

Diana Greenwood, Bradford Council’s Market Promotions Officer, said: “Previous Valentine’s markets have proven to be very popular and it is the perfect opportunity for people to find something different to impress their loved one.”

To find out more about Bradford Council run markets visit