Three Men Sentenced To Combined 18 Years In Jail For Heroin Conspiracy

Three people have today been sentenced to a total of 18 years after admitting their involvement in a conspiracy to supply mobile phones into prisons and conspiracy to supply Heroin.

The sentencing comes after the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Organised Crime Unit began an investigation towards the end of December 2016 into the activities of serving prisoner Larry Gaskin, age 22.

Throughout the investigation it became apparent that Gaskin was using mobile phones to co-ordinate criminal activity whilst inside prison.

Between 9 November 2016 and 17 December 2016 he had four mobile phones seized from him during prison searches. Whilst inside he was also conspiring to launder the proceeds of his criminal activity with the funds going through the accounts of two other persons.

Gaskin was also caught out when he sent a shopping list of sports clothing to Christopher Sampson, age 41 from Bentley, Doncaster via a text message from a mobile phone he had hidden in his cell.

CCTV showed Sampson and another person purchasing clothing from sports shops in Doncaster.

It also showed Ryan Mullis, aged 30 of Park Crescent, Warmsworth, Doncaster posting a parcel to a prison on the 10 January 2017 which was seized later that week.

The clothing, along with six mobile phones and three sim cards hidden within a Freeview box were inside the parcel. The parcel was intended for Gaskin.

And later that night on the 10 January 2017, Mullis was stopped on the southbound carriageway of the A1 heading towards Doncaster, while travelling with Christopher Sampson.

A search of the car revealed 1kg of heroin hidden within the rear passenger footwell. It was revealed that Gaskin had co-ordinated the collection of the drugs.

Speaking after the sentencing, Detective Inspector Lee Fletcher of the Regional Organised Crime Unit, said: “No one is above the law and those who have contempt for it will soon find there is a heavy price to pay.

“Gaskin merely saw prison as an inconvenience, continuing to conduct his criminal activity believing that he was untouchable. Today’s sentence shows that is not the case.

“If you are involved in criminal activity, we will use everything in our power to investigate and disrupt your activity. Offences of this nature will always be treated seriously. Today’s sentencings are the result of a detailed investigation by the team and I would like to praise their hard work and dedication in bringing these criminals to justice.”

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