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What is branding? And why is it important for your business?

by Sophie Bourner
You wouldn’t be mistaken in thinking that your company logo and slogan is the branding for your business. Although these features are key, it does however go far beyond this, branding involves every part of a customer’s experience when they are involved in your business.

From your logo on your website, to your social media and online­ presence, to printed advertising and even staff uniforms! Your brand incorporates the way in which you interact with customers, be that on the phone, email or via social media platforms. Branding is the way in which a customer identifies you when they think of your company name, service or product.

At Se7en Services we adopted a simple black and white logo which reflects the values of our company, we are black and white, you get what you see. This has been carried through all of our marketing and advertising materials, both online and in print, allowing us to be easily identified by our customers. This continuity offers stability to our customers, and we follow this through with top level customer service.

So why is branding so important for your business?

  • BRANDING UPHOLDS RECOGNITION. You are more likely to do business with a company that is familiar to you. Consistent branding that is easy to recognise will help customers feel more comfortable when purchasing a product or using an experience.
  • YOUR BRAND HELPS SET YOU APART FROM THE COMPETITION. With technology allowing us to connect with people from all over the world, it is vital that your business stands out from the crowd. You are no longer competing on local level. A clear and structured brand guideline will help you stand out from the numerous other business out there.
  • YOUR BRAND TELLS PEOPLE ABOUT how you run your business. From the visual features of your brand to the way that your phones are answered these all work together in telling your customer about the kind of company that you are. Is your business giving off the right impression that reflects your business values?
  • CLEAR BRAND GUIDELINES GIVES DIRECTION FOR YOUR STAFF. A clear brand guideline will provide clarity to your staff with how to act when working with customers. That way you are safe I the knowledge that everyone is working to the same standard.
  • A STRONG BRAND Helps GENERATE REFERRALS. When you find a company that you like doing business with, you are more than likely going to tell your family and friends about it. A strong, consistent brand will help customers remember who you are so that they are able to refer you later on.

Branding works best when it is built on a strong idea. The likes of Coca-Cola, Apple and Nike are worth far more than their physical assets, and their strong company branding is what has helped them exceed this value. Your own branding needs to infiltrate your entire business. Here at Se7en Services we can help you figure out your brand guideline and help you put it into place. We cover everything from logo design, to social media graphics, to printed advertising, keeping in line with your own brand guidelines.

Sophie Bourner
Branding + Marketing Consultant
01904 207005
07710 081196

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