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Who Stole Your Peace Of Mind?

by Janette Ward

This month I would like to share with you about a wonderful organisation, The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK). They provide opportunities for people from all backgrounds to explore their own spirituality and learn skills of reflection and meditation derived from Raja Yoga, which help develop inner calm, clear thinking and personal wellbeing.

I first became involved with the Brahma Kumaris in 2009 when I attended a Raja Yoga course in Bradford. I have since attended several one day workshops on wellbeing and trained to deliver their course ‘Spiritual Values in Healthcare’. My experience with Brahma Kumaris has been powerful, enriching and has greatly benefited me.

The Brahma Kumaris is an international organisation working at all levels of society for positive change and is the recipient of seven United Nations Peace Messenger Awards.

The Brahma Kumaris say that more and more people are adding some form of meditation to their daily routine, either as an effective means of managing stress, a way to relax and to improve health in general.

Raja Yoga meditation is a process of rediscovery, using and enjoying the positive qualities already latent within.

The concepts presented in this course are simple yet profound and are accessible to individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs. Simple and honest effort are the only prerequisites for success in meditation.

Whether you simply want to learn to relax and unwind, feel more able to concentrate and focus, be more creative or are searching for personal enlightenment, the Raja Yoga Meditation Course may be just the thing for you. The topics covered include Consciousness and Self Realisation, Mind Intellect and Subconscious, Connecting to the Divine, and The Law of Karma and Time.

There are two Raja Yoga courses happening in the next few months that everyone is welcome to attend in Huddersfield and Halifax.

The Brahma Kumaris are a registered charity and courses and workshops are free of charge, however, voluntary contributions are always gratefully received.

In Huddersfield the venue is Yorkshire Children’s Centre, Brian Jackson House, New North Parade HD1 5JP on Saturdays 29th July, 5th & 12th August at 2.00pm to 5.30pm.

In Halifax the venue is Orange Box Young People’s Centre, 1, Blackedge, Halifax HX1 1AF on Saturdays 16th, 23rd and 30th September at 2.00pm to 5.30pm

You can register for a place online: or you can telephone Margaret Shires of Brahma Kumaris Bradford on 01274 574209.

Below are some testimonials about the Brahma Kumaris:

M.R. in Pudsey: ‘Brahma Kumaris is a wonderful organisation which helps anyone who is interested to become more attuned to and to live in harmony with their intrinsic nature. They are all beautiful souls and it is a pleasure to spend time in their company’

U.K in Bradford: ‘A lovely atmosphere open space offered for everyone and to explore at your own pace. A space to experience complete focus on you and whatever you would like to work on. Guided meditations are a treat for those wanting to have a go’

J.P: ‘the best thing I ever did in 2016 is to join the Brahma Kumaris sessions, thanks for helping me’

Both the Raja Yoga courses will be facilitated by Manoj. He is an experienced meditation and self-development trainer. Manoj has been studying the subject of Raja Yoga and delivering talks, workshops and courses in Positive Thinking, Self-Esteem and Overcoming Anger for almost ten years and is known to be a lively presenter that combines practical down to earth strategies with humour making him a very popular speaker.

I cannot speak more highly of the Brahma Kumaris and of Manoj and I would suggest that if you are looking to feel happier, calmer and more effective, attending the Raja Yoga course would be a very positive first step.

More about the Brahma Kumaris can be found at

More about me can be found at


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